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7 steps for a successful Skype interview

Gone are the days when you needed to factor in a late running train - now you need to worry about the speed of your Wi Fi connection!

Gone are the days when you needed to factor in a late running train – now you need to worry about the speed of your Wi Fi connection!


With the digital age well and truly upon us the stress of logistically ensuring you arrive at a job interview on time are fast becoming a thing of the past. With Skype and Video interviewing a whole new dimension has opened up for time short or remotely located employers to access potential employees.

Below are 7 steps to succeeding at your next Skype interview.


1. Presentation

Check your skype name is professional, you don’t want to get off on the wrong foot before you start! Look the part – research the company culture and dress accordingly, no Pyjamas! Keep colours neutral and patterns not overly busy to distract the interviewer. KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! – As obvious as it may sound, ensure you are fully clothed below the waist, you may have an unexpected hitch and have to leave your chair!


2. Prepare yourself


It is still an interview even though it is over the internet. Research the company and the interviewer, read the job spec, make a note of some intelligent questions about the role or company. Don’t focus on the salary. Don’t drink a coffee or answer your phone! In fact keep your phone in another room to avoid temptation and distraction if it rings.


3. Prepare your surroundings

prepare yourself

Look behind you, what will the interviewer see in your camera range? Clutter can distract attention. Remove personal things; keep it neutral and uncluttered with lots of natural light. Make sure those at home know you are in an interview and not to interrupt you and keep noise to a minimum. Try giving your dog a bone to amuse it so you are not interrupted with constant barking. If you have kids, perhaps ask a friend, relative or neighbour to watch them.  Also have a glass of water handy in case your voice gets dry.


4. Technical

Ensure a clear Skype connection before you begin. Call a friend just prior to check your settings, connection speeds and lighting etc. When you start the interview if these things are not right, ask to stop the call and redial. Adjust the volume so you can hear the interviewer. Think of how you will handle the situation if something technical goes wrong – your potential employer will be monitoring your reaction and trouble shooting ability under pressure, so you don’t want to be swearing and cursing or overly flustered.


5. Practise

Have a practise ahead of time with a friend. To ensure you can focus on the interview and not what you look like in your Skype preview window! Even record yourself and watch it back.


6. Body Language


Smile! This makes you seem likable and puts people at ease. Relax – which can be hard in a room by yourself. Don’t slouch or fidget. Portray you are listening by nodding and saying “yes” “okay” etc. Don’t over talk or talk over the interviewer, make sure they have finished a sentence before you respond. Keep in mind there is sometimes a delay in sound coming through. Keep eye contact straight into the camera.


7. Notes

You can have notes or questions in front of you, but it is extremely important that  they are in bullet form and scannable at a glance so you are not seen to be looking down reading. A few key points to jog your memory is acceptable.

Like anything in life, if you do your homework and preparation beforehand, relax and enjoy the experience, your Skype interview will be a success!

Have you ever had a Skype interview? Do you have any tips to add?