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Do some people hate working in the travel industry?

When was the last time you stopped for a moment to remind yourself of the positive benefits of the industry we work in?

When was the last time you stopped for a moment to remind yourself of the positive benefits of the industry we work in?


Yes that’s right. We work in travel remember?

World largest industry. Enabler of dreams… you know the spiel.

Yet nevertheless, often we hear our colleagues bemoaning the industry and their up and coming work trips functions and commitments.

It could be a conference in Los Angeles, a famil to Fiji, a major sporting event or yet another lunch or roadshow at a desirable 5-star hotel in the city that’s in the diary. “Singapore – for the eighth time” they say.

Sometimes it might even be us having a little whine about it ourselves.

I know right. Because it means more travel on planes (only occasionally at the pointy end of the plane), unfamiliar hotel beds, long days working and late nights socialising in old and new destinations where we’ll have to mingle and network with likeminded folk, possibly over copious amounts of free alcohol and food.


Upgraded again. Oh well. Someone’s got to do it.

Who knows, we might even end up being forced to watch a headline live act or celebrity, listen to an inspirational speaker or dance our booty’s off to a prominent DJ all night in a venue that was themed just for our event.

It’s happened to me. Often.


Oh no, please don’t make me dance to Jessie Jay live again.

Let’s face it; there could be any number of experiential possibilities we’ll have to undergo where unforgettable memories and lifelong relationships are created when we work in travel. “That’s just how it is in this game” we say.

Then there’s the gift shopping we’ll have to do for our nearest and dearest (oh and why not for ourselves too while we’re at it) when we’re away, the selfies we’ll have to take, Facebook updates to make (WARNING: Don’t make too many), Skype and calls home and don’t even get me started on the jet lag or clearing customs when we get back. It’d be a challenge for anyone.


Don’t they know how long this will take me to buy all this stuff?

No-one understands, least of all those closest to us who just think we’re swanning around the world like Michael Palin or someone, living the life of riley.

“That’s not work”. They say. What would they know anyway?

What they probably do know is that more often than not their working lives are perhaps a gazillion times less exciting than ours. Period.

That where they get paid to do a job, we get paid to experience special travel moments in life most will never get to appreciate, even as tourists.


Another famil moment. Awful.

We didn’t just get lucky. We chose to work in the industry because we believe in the infinite possibilities of travel and the benefits it brings not just for us, but also for society in general and the world at large.

It’s a truly positive thing we’re doing and I for one sleep well at night knowing I’m helping that along a little and helping change people’s perceptions of the world. Hopefully for the good.

My guess is you feel the same.

Sure it can be exhausting with long hours and precious time away from loved ones that isn’t always ideal for many reasons. The pay too often could be better (As always) but these are all those trade offs to balance out what is a pretty sweet deal.

But ultimately, we’ve chosen to make travel our career. So my advice to the non believers is – if you don’t like it… Don’t be in it!

So when was the last time you stopped for a moment to remind yourself of the positive benefits of the industry we work in?

Today might be a good day to start.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.