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#travelforlife: How did this travel company become employer of choice?

If the highlight of your workday is the chocolate biscuit that accompanies your mid-morning coffee, then it's time to SLIDE into a travel company that has the work-life balance.... well balanced.

If the highlight of your workday is the chocolate biscuit that accompanies your mid-morning coffee, then it’s time to SLIDE into a travel company that has the work-life balance…. well balanced.

While Australia’s travel industry is booming, there’s a growing number of demoralised industry peeps wallowing in an unhappy rut of 50+ hour work weeks, endless annoying paperwork, dismal pay packets, grumpy workmates, and no opportunity for professional advancement.

That’s no fun.

If that sounds like you, and you’re about ready to call stumps on your career, wait!

There are other options with that fabled dream job at a travel company that values your skills and abilities.

The Flight Centre Travel Group has been operating 40 successful subsidiary brands from Student Flights to My Adventure Travel and Travel Associates to Topdeck.

Having worked with the people and culture team recently, clear, they’re on a mission to encourage work-life balance and helping staff reach their goals.

Considered to be one of Australia’s best employers with the company winning a coveted Australian Business Award in 2017 that recognises the organisation as an “employer of choice’’ helping every member reach their full potential through “effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention’’.

The Brisbane-based business, employing almost 20,000 people in 20 countries around the planet, acknowledges it’s the happy people working behind the scenes and in bricks-and-mortar outlets that combine to make Flight Centre a successful operation that’s trusted by generations of travellers.

Feel satisfied with your role

While ongoing training on everything from destinations to technology, plays a massive part in helping agents feel satisfied, the group’s bosses admit more goes into creating a contended crew with perks such as access to financial planners and fitness coaches, parent-friendly plans, time to socialise, and ample travel most important.

The company is lauded for offering flexible hours, job-share opportunities, and the chance to work from home while staffers at subsidiary Student Flights can access unlimited annual leave encouraging agents to spend more time on the road enhancing their “passion and product knowledge’’.

Goodstart Early Learning Group

In January Flight Centre Travel Group unveiled a new partnership with Goodstart Early Learning Group that allows working parents to access discounts that can save up to $3510 annually on childcare at 641 centres around Australia and in March deployed a team of money coaches to help its people improve their financial well-being.

Now that’s looking after your people.

“I’m proud to say we are the first organisation in the retail space to formally recognise the importance of improving the financial resilience of our people.’’

Flight Centre Travel’s CEO Graham Turner

“Demonstrating that we take responsibility for the broader financial capabilities of our people is aligned to our core philosophies and helps us to attract the best people in the industry.”

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