Struggling to keep focused at work after the Christmas holiday? Try some of these handy tips to stay on top of your game throughout the day and tackle those tasks efficiently.

With so many things on hand that can distract us at work like social media, mobile phones and even the internet that we rely on to do our work, it’s often hard to stay focused.

If you sit in front of the computer all day, you’re especially at risk of losing focus.

Focus is something you definitely need to fight for as it’s not something we can just turn on and off whenever we need it. There are however some steps you can take to improve your focus at work.



1. Take more breaks

More breaks = more productivity. It seems counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Breaks allow us to regroup our thoughts and focus on the tasks that need to get done.

They also help to keep us fresh so we don’t get burnt out.


2. Break it down


Often we’re discouraged by seemingly insurmountable tasks. However, you’ll find that these colossal tasks can be split into more manageable smaller tasks.

Make a check list, make sure you list off the smaller tasks, it feels good to cross these off the list and the little victories will keep you motivated.


3. Work on your work area

Having too many items on your work desk within arm’s reach can prove distracting. Keep your work area neat and only put the things you need neatly piled up on your desk, put the rest away properly in a drawer or your trays. Get a comfortable chair and desk combo, comfort is important to keeping your focus.


4. Pace yourself

The worst thing you can do is to overwhelm yourself. Don’t try to do too much, keeping your work manageable helps keep your focus. Avoid burning out, see number 1.


5. Don’t procrastinate

Things pile up when you procrastinate, leaving things for later just ends up with you trying to finish a boatload of work near deadline. Instead, set yourself a deadline and break down what you need to achieve by the day. Plan ahead. Knowing exactly what you need to achieve will help you focus throughout the day.


6. It’s a work tool not a distraction


Get into the mindset that your computer is a work tool. With computers being able to do so many things (a lot of those things are super distracting).

It’s very easy to get lost into a browsing spiral. Think about it as a tool that helps you do your work and nothing more.

What do you do to keep yourself focused at work after a holiday?