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Mastering the law of attraction

Although a holiday is about being routine-free and recharging, it’s also the perfect time to declutter the mind, savour the moment, and start fine-tuning your imagination with these terrific Law of Attraction reads.

Although a holiday is about being routine-free and recharging, it’s also the perfect time to declutter the mind, savour the moment, and start fine-tuning your imagination with these terrific Law of Attraction reads.

Here’s 5 Law of Attraction books you need to pack for your next holiday:

1. Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting

By Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Internationally renowned self-help author and speaker Dr Wayne Dyer is the first motivational person I came across many years ago. This book explains the Art of Manifestation and the Law of Attraction with a step-by-step process. It includes specific techniques to train your subconscious mind so that you can use your imagination to live out your highest calling and reach your fullest potential, plus how to stay connected to your source. While it’s one of many books that he has written, this is one that I have gained a lot of insight from.


2. The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth

By Bruce H. Lipton

The author of global bestseller The Biology of Belief, this stem cell biologist continues to lead the way by connecting science with spirit. In The Honeymoon Effect, Lipton discusses a lot of his personal experiences in relation to reprogramming our subconscious mind, plus how to avoid or deal with some of the traps that we fall into, particularly when we fall in love. He discusses how the honeymoon period doesn’t necessarily have to end; how we don’t have to label everything; and how to use the vibrational energy of quantum physics effectively. Lipton also reminds us that each individual is a super organism for humanity and that we are all connected in some way. Despite his scientific background, he has a way of writing this book in a really cool and easy to follow manner.

Book_KarryOn3. Remember, Be Here Now

By Baba Ram Dass

Ram Dass is up there as one of my mentors. Most notably, he was a psychologist and psychedelic innovator who began his significant spiritual transformation after he visited India in the 1960s. While there, he met his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, also known as Maharajji. It wasn’t long after this that he wrote this powerfully influential book that chronicles his life, from a doctor of psychology to a spiritual seeker who made this deeply profound shift. At its core, the book highlights the importance of being in the present moment.



4. In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want

By Iyanla Vanzant

Written by American spiritual leader Iyanla Vanzant, this is a book about purpose. There are lots of good things in it and it’s especially helpful if your vision is unclear or your purpose is undefined. She also takes an in-depth look at romantic relationships, including if they are failing, or if there is a need to remove any blocks to love’s presence. Vanzant discusses the inherent reasons why these things happen, including looking back at your childhood. She then talks about the journey of healing and forgiveness. According to Vanzant, if you want to experience light and love in your life, the problem is the window of your heart and mind is streaked with past hurts, memories and disappointments. By doing the work and cleaning these things up, you can come out the other side to be a much better human being.


5. A Course in Miracles

By Foundation for Inner Peace

To me, this is the most significant and practical book of all those mentioned here. Like a lifelong study that I always come back to, it’s my foundation for inner peace. That’s because it’s the most brilliant spiritual and psychological mind training book that I’ve ever come across. It’s an amazing piece of channelled writing where someone was ‘obedient enough to hear this voice’ and write it. Although the author isn’t really on the cover, it has been said that Jesus wrote A Course in Miracles. In saying that, it’s not like the Bible and is essentially written without any religion or doctrine. It has various sections, including a teacher manual and a student workbook. The latter incorporates one lesson per day for 365 days, which is more like an in-depth version of affirmations. These insights help you to stay present, become an observer of your thoughts, and more aware of how your mind works, including how you have a split mind – the egoic mind and spirit mind. Every time I read A Course in Miracles, it has a lot more revelation.

How has the Law of Attraction helped you in business?

This article was contributed by Johnny Carter, a “Law of Attraction’ mentor and serial entrepreneur, specialising in Speaker Sessions and Topic Seminars for groups and events.