Relaxing in a beachfront villa at Six Senses Fiji or flying in seat 1A could be easier than you think if you commit to some penny-pinching tips that will fill your piggy bank a little quicker than usual, with minimum stress to your social life.

We enlisted financial educator and storyteller Vanessa Stoykov to put her 5 simplest tips together to help you save some serious dollars to put towards your next luxury holiday.


1. Make your utilities work harder for you

If you are not locked into a contract for electricity, phone or gas, ring and ask them what the best options they have available are. Vanessa did this recently and received more than $800 back from her electricity provider, simply by signing up to direct debit her bills, rather than BPAY.

While you’re at it, make a list of your insurance providers and get them to earn your loyalty by asking for a better deal on your policies. Be it home, car or even life, it’s a competitive world out there and you’ll be surprised what discounts you may be eligible for. Insurance providers like Youi also offer great customer loyalty programs that will save you money on things like movies and shopping!


2. Become an Insta-Foodie

With so many inspirational food programs on TV and accounts on social media, take a leaf out of their books and channel your inner Masterchef at home. Vanessa says that eating out is one of the largest expenses for many Australians, so the more you can give it up at home, the sooner you can be relishing a 5-star experience in a Parisian restaurant.


3. Make hump day pump day

The difference between weekend and mid-week fuel is often well over 20 cents meaning it can cost between $12 and $15 more to fill up if you wait until the weekend to fuel your car. Head to the pump on a Wednesday instead and see the dollars fly into your account.


4. Create Café Magic at Home

Do you need that morning cuppa Joe to get your engine revving in the morning? Being able to make nice coffee at home means you’re less likely to spend money on it while you’re out. Purchasing a machine may cost in the short term, but it saves a significant amount in the long run.

Do your research online before making the purchase for the best deal and offer to pay cash, you never know what discounts you might be able receive in store.

Still yearning for a coffee at work? Purchase a keep cup and do your bit to save the environment whilst also saving money at your local café. Many places now offer a cheaper option if you BYO. Keep those extra coins you save from the daily coffee run in a jar and surprise yourself with how quickly they add up!


5. Make the environment your bestie

Invest in a water filter and reusable water bottle to save money on buying expensive bottles of the good stuff when out. Not only will the environment thank you, but your wallet will too!

To make these newly saved dollars work even harder for you, open a high interest savings account and see your account grow at a much faster rate than your everyday accounts. That boost to the front of the plane might be closer than you think!


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