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RICE TOURISM: Is it a thing & should Agents be sending clients to Thailand's rice fields?

This is not a joke, and it's something for Agents and the industry to be aware of. Will RICE fields in Thailand become the next big attraction for Australians?

This is not a joke, and it’s something for Agents and the industry to be aware of. Will RICE fields in Thailand become the next big attraction for Australians?

I was excited to get back to the office and tell the team about what I learnt about rice, and no one was interested. How dare they!

So I put this story together so they would read it and you know what, they found it fascinating. Here’s why:


Red curry grilled pork with wild betel leaf and mixed colour riceberry

Thailand has developed a new variety of rice, and Australia is one of the major exporting countries with 70,000 tones of the good stuff sent to our shores each year.

Changing trends of consumers have enabled Thailand to create a more healthy and sustainable grain that not only will improve your health but actually slow down the aging process.

Yes, it’ll keep you young.

Now you’re interested.

It’s known as RD43 Rice which is a soft aromatic white rice with medium-low GI. Suitable for weight watch and blood sugar control. This is good carbs.


Variety of Thailand rice. Who knew there were so many varieties.

Other rice such as Riceberry Rice which is a hybrid variety between Hom Maili Rice and Black Rice. This dark purple rice is full of antioxidants and is gluten-free, has anti-aging properties plus it is low in GI and helps reduce cholesterol.


Entree – Freshly made riceberry skin with taro and chive

So what does this have to do with tourism you say? Well, there is a growing market of Australians who are looking to learn where the grain is grown and what the processing procedures are. Agri-tourism is big, and with this new variety, Thailand is going to attract the educated tourists.

“Thailand is being lead to being a more nutritious and healthy location for tourists while supporting local farmers and communities. The demand from visitors is growing and they will want to visit the areas where the production is happening as more new products are being  developed.”

Ben (Watcharaphon Boonlai) – Advisor to the Minister of Commerce


Ben – Advisor to the Minister of Commerce

This unique variety of rice is producing new and exciting products from oil, skin cream, milk and snacks for the elderly that promote longevity and nutritional value.

With the rice paddies scattered throughout Thailand, it is only a matter of time that a tour operator will create an experience allowing visitors to see first hand the creation of new products and be able to sample them.


Have you seen Riceberry Rice? What’s your favourite rice?