We all dream of that celebrity we would take on a trip (Don’t we?). But are you thinking Hugh Jackman or one chiselled Hemsworth? Or maybe it’s Jennifer Hawkins? Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 11.14.11 am Let’s find out which Australian celebs really are the most popular.

It’s just been revealed by travel insurance provider InsureandGo who surveyed 2,700 respondents, which Australian celebrities Australians would like to have as their travel companion.

To be honest, some make perfect sense but who dreams of having a morning show host as their travel companion? Seriously?

Though you’d have to think these results are based more on people’s nocturnal desires than perhaps the actual ‘travelling’ bit. But maybe we’ve just got a dirty mind.

Anyway! You guessed it, Hugh Jackman was the most popular celeb and no surprises why. He would keep you warm at night, carry your bags and be the true gentleman. we’re sure.

“As one of the country’s most successful stars, it comes as no surprise that two in five (41%) women would opt to travel with actor, singer and producer Hugh Jackman as their first choice. But it’s not just the women who are in awe of his talent as one in four (26%) man would also choose Jackman as their travel companion too.”

Said David Mayo, eCommerce Manager at InsureandGo

Chris Hemsworth was the next top celeb (13%), followed by Jennifer Hawkins (10%), Margot Robbie (7%) and Delta Goodrem (6%). Clearly, this poll was mostly voted by women, but perhaps not.

The biggest surprise to us was seeing the (Ex?) morning show host Karl Stefanovic on the list with 3%. Imagine the juicy gossip you would get on that trip with him. Just don’t mention Uber.

The majority of us won’t have the privilege in travelling with our favourite celeb but we do have the joy of travelling solo, with the family and friends and I wonder which one of these would be the top of the list. Well?

It goes without question, travel insurance is essential when travelling domestically or internationally even if you are travelling with your favourite celeb.

Now, who is going to carry my bags? Chris?

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Who would be your dream travel companion? Share your thoughts below.