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TravelManagers provide agents with the best tools to succeed

Going mobile and working for yourself can seem daunting, and it's natural to feel a little hesitant about taking the plunge into unknown territory and going out on your own.

Going mobile and working for yourself can seem daunting, and it’s natural to feel a little hesitant about taking the plunge into unknown territory and going out on your own.

Trust us – you’re not alone.

But just remember: you’re never really on your own when you join the hundreds of other experienced corporate and leisure travel consultants (on average 18 years of experience) who have taken control of their lives and careers and transformed themselves into home-based travel professionals with TravelManagers – they’ve never looked back!

With the right set of easy-to-use tools at your disposal, the right network to support you and the right attitude (calling all business minded travel professionals!), well, running your own business as a personal travel manager with TravelManagers and focussing on the thing you do best – i.e. servicing your clients – is easier than you think!

More freedom, flexibility and uncapped earning potential here YOU come.

Here are five tools TravelManagers gives all their members when they make this exciting move and transition into a personal travel manager.


1. Easy-to-use intranet & Social media platforms


With TravelManagers, searching for suppliers and getting all the information you need can be done with a single click, thanks to an extensive intranet site known as the Oracle.

Personal travel managers from all across Australia find it easy to communicate with each other via a closed Facebook group – that’s when they’re not meeting up in person over a drink and sharing tips and tricks on taking their businesses to the next level.


2. An awesome consumer app that earns you money


Imagine earning some sweet commission while you sleep, or when you’re taking your kids to the local playground?

With the new TravelManagers consumer app, not only is this possible, but it’s highly probable thanks to its easy-to-use interface that allows clients to log into their bookings and view their itineraries – as well as add extras such as tours – while they’re on the road. This means more money and time for you.

(Here’s a cool commission calculator where you estimate your income with TravelManagers.)


3. Access to a 24/7 self-ticketing service


Via an easy-to-use self-ticketing system that’s supported by a Fares and Ticketing team (which offers after hours emergency ticketing assistance), getting your tickets issued is simple and straight forward. Even better, for more complex itineraries – e.g. RTW and CP – ticketing is completed on your behalf.

These systems and support services mean you’ll have more time to follow-up, consult, or just spend more time with your family.


4. Comprehensive business support


Most of us have never run our own business.

That’s why TravelManagers offers all personal travel managers comprehensive business support to help them get started and answer all the questions they may have.

They also get help with setting up a business plan and benefit from an annual business planning meeting.


5. Full marketing assistance to drive your business


Getting started is the hardest part of starting a new business. Not having enough inquiry coming your way is probably the biggest concern travel agents have when thinking about working for themselves as a mobile travel agent.

To help you market your business, Travel Managers offers a marketing solution package that includes digital marketing assistance to grow your database; your own branded webpage and email; customisable e-newsletters that you can send out to clients; and much more.

Technology shouldn’t be considered a barrier to joining TravelManagers Australia.

Our experienced team of Travel IT professionals are on hand to guide you through the technology environment.

Click here to learn more about how TravelManagers can support your business.

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