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Why it's a great thing to say 'I don't know right now'

Have you ever considered that you might learn more from saying 'I don't know right now' than from pretending you do? It's actually not about your ability or your inability, it's about your availability.

Have you ever considered that you might learn more from saying ‘I don’t know right now’ than from pretending you do? It’s actually not about your ability or your inability, it’s about your availability.

I recently read an article on Growth Mindset by Sir Richard Branson, which compelled me to write this.

Having worked in the recruitment space for many years and provided hundreds of job seekers with multiple tips on interview techniques, behavioural questions, how to act at interviews, what to say and what not to say at interviews… It got me thinking.

Sure, we can have all the scripted answers and sail through an interview and hopefully get the job. But what are we really going to learn when we are fed all the answers?

ask, learn, grow

Sure, if we take the time to prepare thoroughly for a task (such as an interview) we will hopefully learn something.

However, have you ever considered that you will learn more from admitting you don’t know the answer (or how to do something), than from pretending you do?

The more questions you ask in life, the more learning opportunities are presented to you.


The real learning and growth takes place during those times when we don’t give our best performance; we make a mistake at work; we say the wrong thing in an interview.

These are the times when the learning opportunities present themselves. It’s what we do after these moments that determine how much we learn from any given situation.

The flow on effect is personal growth and success in these areas.

If you can admit you don’t always know the answer or that you have got it wrong, then you can learn and grow in any area of your life you choose.

2 Sir-Richard-Branson-karryon

Sir Richard Branson doesn’t have all the answers

Why do we admire icons like Sir Richard Branson? Because he is never afraid to be himself. He is honest, admits he’s not perfect and shares with us his challenges like Dyslexia and not having done well at school.

This makes us like him all the more.

We like him because he is never afraid to try something new – sometimes failing in epic proportions in front of an entire nation. He is one individual who is always open to learning and new challenges.

So next time you are stumbling through a task pretending you know what you are doing, stop and admit you don’t have all the answers & ask for help and see what you learn in the process.

Remember; It’s not about your ability or your inability, it’s about your AVAILABILITY!

Happy Learning. Kristi Gromm, InPlace Recruitment.

What was the hardest interview question you ever answered? Let us know in the comments below.