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HOTEL REVIEW: Checking Out The Deluxe Hotel At Iceland's Blue Lagoon

Unless you’ve been meditating in a cave for the past 10 years, you’ve heard of Iceland’s iconic Blue Lagoon. But, did you know they opened a deluxe hotel onsite? Zoe Macfarlane checks out the Retreat Hotel.

Unless you’ve been meditating in a cave for the past 10 years, you’ve heard of Iceland’s iconic Blue Lagoon. But, did you know they opened a deluxe hotel onsite? Zoe Macfarlane checks out the Retreat Hotel.

For those who haven’t heard of it, the Blue Lagoon is located near a lava field and as a result, is home to a geothermal spa. Not to mention, picturesque views of Iceland’s stunning Blue Lagoon.

Read on for why you need to make it a must-stay during your next visit to Iceland:


1. Into the Wild Blue Yonder


The coveted Retreat Hotel Lagoon Suite. Image: Ari Magg

L’Oreal may have coined the phrase, but I’m stealing it for the splurge-worthy Retreat Hotel, because, “I’m worth it”.

The baby-blue waters of the Blue Lagoon are on everyone’s radar, thanks to a constant stream of Insta-pics. What not everyone has the skinny on, however, is that they opened their 62-suite property last year. I visited this August.


2. Once in a Blue Moon



The Blue Lagoon’s silica waters and enriching masks give every visitor skin smoother than a George Clooney pick-up line. For the Retreat Lagoon, however, amplify the wellness benefits by ten.

No, a hundred!

It’s pampering to the max thanks to the Retreat Lagoon, the contemporary suites, and decadent spa therapy of the Blue Lagoon Ritual


3. My Blue Heaven


Image: The Blue Lagoon Retreat Hotel. Image: Jamie Orlando Smith

As I entered the Retreat Hotel, I felt immediately lighter. I liken it to when your hairdresser takes you from a John-from-Survivor mullet to chic bob. You didn’t know you were feeling heavier until the weight has gone.

The contemporary décor, elevated ceilings, and rolling lava views play their part in this shift. 


4. Midnight Blue


Blue Lagoon Retreat Spa. Image: Ari Magg

Unlike the short visit to the Blue Lagoon, the Retreat Hotel makes every day a ‘Wellness Wednesday’.

The Retreat Spa is even open until 1.00am in the summer months. How does a midnight sun soak with spa time sound?


5. The Deep Blue Sea


Blue Lagoon Ritual. Image: Ari Magg

The dedicated skincare routine of the Blue Lagoon Ritual uses ingredients found in the 2000m-deep geothermal seawater.

You’re encouraged to scrub, apply, set, and rinse these lavish products in a darkened cavern dedicated to the cause. Pre-ritual, you soak in the lagoon, hit the sauna, and then open your pores in the steam cave.

After the four-step treatments, the ritual concludes by the intimate fireplace. This deepens the nourishment from the silica-rich oil. 


6. Royal Blue


It’s easy to find privacy in the Retreat Lagoon. Image: Zoe Macfarlane

Privacy is a big drawcard at the Retreat Lagoon. Lava canyons wind around the building creating smaller pools areas.

During my stay, there were a few times where I was the ONLY person soaking in the milky-blue warm waters. It’s worth the price tag for that alone. 

7. Out of the Blue


Start your day with yoga & the lava view. Image: Zoe Macfarlane

The wellness program also includes daily yoga with Zen-like views across the 793-year-old lava field.

You can also hike the extinct Þorbjörn volcano daily, and enjoy afternoon tea treats from the hotel’s decadent bakery. 


8. Blue are the Hills that are Far Away


Retreat Hotel Moss Junior Suite. Image: Ari Magg

All rooms at the Retreat Hotel offer views across the moss-strewn lava field. Even with winds at 80kpm hurling the rain sideways on my first day, I still found the floor-to-wall glass views ethereal. 

Inside my Moss Junior Suite, the subtle greys and muted greens of the décor complimented the landscape. For the ultimate indulgence (and uninterrupted Blue Lagoon photo), book a Lagoon Suites with private lagoon pool. 


9. Blue Sky Thinking


One of seven courses at Moss Fine Dining Restaurant. Image: Zoe Macfarlane

The casual Spa Restaurant is one of three restaurants on site, along with the impressive Lava Restaurant, built in the lava wall.

The must-do dining experience is at Moss, where the 5- or 7-courses of Icelandic delicacies were so fresh and tasty, I almost wept. 


10. Singing the Blues (the Deets)



As the Retreat Hotel and Blue Lagoon are only 20 minutes from Keflavik Airport, it’s easiest to start or end your Iceland adventure with a stay here.

Ending on this incredible high would be my recommendation, and if you can time it with the Northern Lights, even better! 


To get there, dedicated coaches ferry visitors from the airport or to Reykjavik city (50 minutes away). Book a taxi for convenience. Click here to read about Zoe’s Icelandish adventure up mountains and glaciers.