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5 Schoolies trends that will surprise you

Forget the booze and parties, this year's schoolies kids are looking for more of a refined and influential getaway to celebrate the end of school days.

Forget the booze and parties, this year’s schoolies kids are looking for more of a refined and influential getaway to celebrate the end of school days.

A study conducted by Unleashed Travel found partying up in Brisbane is no longer big on the Australian school leaver’s bucket list, with many instead keen on booking European coach travel, luxury cruises and holidays where they can assist disadvantaged children.

We’re just as surprised as you are.

What’s also new is the peak week for travel is no longer the end of November, but early December.

And when it comes to volunteering trips, there’s been a 35 percent increase in bookings so far this year compared to the prior year.

As many start booking their getaway we thought we’d help you get ready with data on the top five Schoolies travel trends this year:


Big islands are still big

Image: unmillonedeelefantes/Shutterstock

Image: unmillonedeelefantes/Shutterstock

While exclusive island destinations are here to stay, Unleashed Travel’s data reveals a 30 percent increase in big island bookings in 2014 – expected to increase in 2015.

For example, both Grad Trips to Mana Island and Plantation Island have previously had 400- and 500-person limits; in 2015 we’re expanding this limit to 600 on each island to cater for the high demand from students.


Luxury cruising is in

luxury cruise

Cruises are looking to be a new and growing trend on the Schoolies horizon. For instance, Unleashed Travel’s new Fiji Cruise Grad Trip was offered quietly to students in 2014 with no promotion and had 70 students sign up.


European tours are in demand

Eiffel Tower

Image: Denis Kuvaev/Shutterstock

Europe is in demand, and in response to the high volume of requests from students, Unleashed Travel launched a Europe Grad Trip in 2014 that visits 12 European cities as part of a 21-day winter getaway.


They’re surprisingly caring

Image: michaeljung/Shutterstock

Image: michaeljung/Shutterstock

Students are increasingly seeking travel where they can learn something new, experience different ways of life and develop as a person and as an adult.


December is the new peak

teens on beach

No longer are students heading to the airport the minute their last exam is over. The three-week Schoolies period traditionally kicks off around 20 November, but an increasing number of students are waiting and booking their holidays towards 7 December instead.

What trends have you seen in schoolies bookings this year?