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1.Instagram is switching its feed from chronological to best posts first

Image Source: Techcrunch

Image Source: Techcrunch

The average Instagram user misses 70% of what’s in their feed, with that in mind, Instagram has announced it will start rearranging the order of posts.

This will move away from the current reverse chronological order towards the same format as Facebook, and, more recently Twitter.

Posts will now be ordered based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.

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2. You can now share Spotify music inside Facebook Messenger 


Image source: Mashable

Facebook has added a new Spotify integration to its messaging platform, the new feature will allow people to share playlists and songs with friends when chatting to their friends on Messenger.

You won’t be able to actually play Spotify music within Messenger, but you can share tracks, playlists and artists. If the user has the Spotify app open on their device, they can open the Spotify content directly in the app.

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3. Oculus just put Facebook into the Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR social video 1-970-80

Insert source: Techradar

Oculus has always said virtual reality can be a shared experience, and now it’s working on multiple new social features for Samsung Gear VR, along with a Facebook integration.

Facebook, which is Oculus’ parent company, is coming into Gear VR through 360 video.

There is now a Facebook video tab in the Oculus Video app so users can select 360 videos to watch in virtual reality and soon Gear VR wearers will be able to connect their Facebook account to personalise their experience.

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4. Facebook buys popular face-swapping app

Face swapping

Image source: Techinsider

Facebook is buying Masquerade, the popular app lets you overlay playful, animated filters over your face using your phone’s selfie camera. You can record video in the app or take a still photo to share across your social networks.

Expect to see Masquerade’s face swapping filters show up in the Facebook app eventually. Facebook also plans to keep Masquerade operational as a standalone, free app.

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