Hostelworld recently revealed that travellers across the world are not only collecting passport stamps and soul-stirring stories, but they’re also preserving travel memories through wanderlust tattoos.

Say hello to Tattourism… a new travel trend makes its mark on travellers.

Most travellers are free-spirits; enjoying the liberating feeling of owning less and experiencing more. So say goodbye to the days of fridge magnets and keyrings, because tattoos are taking over as the next generation’s choice of souvenir.


More about ‘Tattourism’…

Karry On - Travel Tattoo

The report, which surveyed 1,000 Australians between the ages of 18 and 35-years of age, revealed that 31% of Aussie travellers are getting inked whilst travelling overseas and of those, 57% will strongly consider getting a tattoo during their next trip abroad.

However, Hostelworld has uncovered that it is not only the Aussies that are thinking about making a permanent mark when they travel. Reports clearly show that tattourism is a global trend with 42% of Americans, 37% of Australians, and 26% of Brits admitting they’re considering getting inked.

Almost a quarter (23%) of Aussie travellers said that their ink is a permanent souvenir of their experience. Although a third mentioned that their travel tat was a spontaneous act (33%), a further 15% admitted it was because they wanted to have a story to tell when they got home.

However, in spite of the impulsiveness often involved, the report shows that more than three in five travellers thought about their design for a substantial amount of time (59%). The report also indicates that over one in ten (11%) Tattourists plans their travel around visiting a specific artist.

Karry On - Travel Tattoo

Unsurprisingly, 20% of Aussie travellers revealed it was cheaper to get inked outside of Australia, with destinations like Bali being a firm favourite on the Tattourism list.

When asking young Aussies (18-24 years) what type of tattoo is most popular with them, inspirational quotes take the lead at 25% mostly from female respondents whereas the men favour tattoos that represent an adaptation of local culture or religion (21%).

Even though inspirational quotes and religious symbols are the most common tattoo applications, 26% admitted that they have a friend that has the name of an ex-partner on their skin. (AWKWARD!)

Other popular images include that of an animal that symbolises their country (35%), lyrics from a song (30%), a character from a TV show (26%) and the logo of their favourite sports team (24%).


The future is female

Karry On - Travel Tattoo

The recent ‘Evolution of the Hostel Traveller’ revealed that there has been a significant increase in solo female travellers over the past few years. It reveals 75% of women across the world have gone or plan to go backpacking, compared to only 67% of men.

From this report is clear that women want to see, and experience more adventurous activities echoed by the new Tattourism report.

The new data showed 28% of women invested in a tattoo while travelling and three in five (60%) said that they will strongly consider getting a tattoo during their next holiday.

Karry On - Travel Tattoo

Top 5 future destinations for women:
1. Brazil (75%) increase
2. Iceland (67%) increase
3. Chile (67%) increase
4. Fiji (67%) increase
5. Norway (67%) increase

Top 5 Tattourism destinations for women:
1. Bali (24%)
2. New Zealand (17%)
3. United States (14%)
4. Thailand (12%)
5. United Kingdom (10%)

Overall, the report shows that Aussies are confident with their decision to get a tattoo when travelling with over 65% saying that they have no regrets. Increasingly hostels across the world are catering to travellers’ every need and there has been a recent surge of tattoo parlours popping up in various venues around the globe.


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Karry On - Travel Tattoo

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