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Multi-generational travel is 2015’s hottest trend

Baby Boomers want to start ticking off some destinations they never had the time to visit, but they don’t want to do it alone. Bring on multi-generational travel.

Baby Boomers want to start ticking off some destinations they never had the time to visit, but they don’t want to do it alone. Bring on multi-generational travel.

2015’s hottest travel trend is multi-generational travel. Once retirement comes along and travelling comes to mind, a lot of retirees find that they don’t want to go anywhere without their horde of (now adult) children and of course, those cute grandkids. It’s all about bringing the whole family.

According to a recent study by AARP looking at 2015 travel trends, found that 33% of the Baby Boomers surveyed planned on taking a multi-generational trip in the next year.


The results from the survey also showed that 45% wanted to take an international trip this year and 98.7% wanted to travel domestic.

Here are our top multi-generational travel holidays for 2015:


5. Cross-Country Skiing, Norway


Norway is one of the coolest destinations this year with its beautiful landscapes adorning our computer wallpapers. The snow turns the mountains into a wintry wonderland that you can traverse with lightweight skis on specially prepared tracks. If you’re looking for family fun, try The Peer Gynt Trail, it’s the best for families, with ski lodges at regular intervals. There are tours available with ski lessons, a guide and luggage transfers (recommended for first timers).


4. Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort, US


Want to impress both your “adult” children and the grandkids? Your kids probably grew up reading the books and the grandkids love the movies – now you can visit Hogwarts (at least the Universal Studios version). There’s also one of these experiences available closer to home at Japan’s Universal Studios.


3. Elephant Sanctuary, Sukothai, Thailand


Do something a little different, but also very rewarding while in Thailand. Bond with the family whilst volunteering at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary whilst learning lessons about how humans relate to the animal kingdom. This one may be for those with older grandkids though as the accommodations are very basic with only cold-water showers available – you’ll love the cold showers after some hot humid days in Thailand though.


2. Ancient Rock Art, Dordogne, France


Learn about ancient rock art in France, they’re awe-inspiring no matter how old you are. Make sure to visit Grotte de Lascaux painted by Cro-Magnon with a whole array of animals adorning the walls. See mammoths, horses, ibex and bulls running across the cave walls. Don’t miss out on the gallery at Rouffignac with frescoes speculated to have been painted between 15,000 BC and 10,000 BC.


1. Self-drive safari, Namibia


Who doesn’t dream of seeing the Big Five in their natural habitat? Etosha National Park, is like transporting yourself to magical lands of bedtime stories that you’ve shared with your kids and grandkids alike– it’s filled with all the creatures that’s adorned both the pages and our imaginations. There are loads of accommodation options available from camping to luxury lodges.


Where would you like to go on a multi-generational trip with the family?