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The Ultimate '7 Wonders' List

A unique and inspirational travel wish list compiled by one of the world's largest and fastest growing online travel communities - #TRAVCHAT

A unique and inspirational travel wish list compiled by one of the world’s largest and fastest growing online travel communities – #TRAVCHAT

Established in 2015 by Melbourne-based travel-blog Thirty Summers #Travchat is one of the world’s most popular Twitter Chats with a weekly reach often exceeding 10 million people.

It is a global community of travellers, travel photographers and respected travel brands. Travchat. Every Wednesday. Where travellers talk travel.

What’s the purpose behind compiling a ‘7-Wonders’ list for travellers?

The Founder of the #Travchat Twitter chat, Saxon Templeton explains. “We were keen to let our Travchat community compile a new ‘Travellers’ 7-Wonders. Places that can be actually visited today rather than just read about or dreamed of from the past. A wish list that was both aspirational yet also achievable. We didn’t want to create something that merely sat on the Web but actually ignited inspiration in travel-lovers to go out and visit these incredible destinations. We’ve been blown away with the compelling & unique list they have created!”

How was the list compiled?

Seven bespoke ‘Wonders’ categories were created (See below).

Each category then received nominations during the #Travchat Twitter Chat from the chat participants around the world.

The most popular suggestion per category, as up-voted by the rest of the community, won. A category ‘runner-up’ was also acknowledged.


The New 7-Wonders-of-the-World list


1.Category: Wildlife. The Great Migration. Tanzania/ Kenya

2.Category: Water. Ban Gioc-Detain Falls, Vietnam/ China

3.Category: Ancient Structure. The Great Wall of China

4.Category: Modern Structure  (Post 19th C). Empire State, NYC

5.Category: Natural Wonder. The Northern Lights

6.Category: Mountains/ Rock Formations. The Himalayas

7.Category: Monuments/ Statues. Moai, Easter Island

For more information visit www.thirtysummers.com

Do you have a favourite destination you would add to the list?