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Top 5 travel trends this week

Professional selfie tours, handy restaurant phrase books and personalised on-board magazines. We’ve listed our top five travel trends of the week.

Professional selfie tours, handy restaurant phrase books and personalised on-board magazines. We’ve listed our top five travel trends of the week.


1. Heathrow’s new ‘Smart Screens’


Heathrow’s Terminal 2 in London has launched a new airport technology providing travellers with ‘Smart Screens’, which serve as real-time ’journey comparison generators’ for passengers who hasn’t been able to connect their phones to a wireless network.

The screens provide live comparisons on price and travel time to get to central London between a taxis and the airport’s express train service.


2. Selfie tour with personal photographers


Who doesn’t love a selfie, or even better, a ‘professional’ selfie?

Taking the notion of ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ to a new level, the Selfie Tour of Nicaragua with El Camino Travel ensures you can document every moment of your trip.

To ensure you get the best quality of your Instagram photos the trip package includes a personal photographer who will guide you to secluded beaches, surfing and roaming artisanal markets over six nights and seven days.

Each traveller will get 20 social media-ready pictures every day, plus another 150 at the end of the trip.

‘Say cheese!’


3. Airport offers private spaces for breastfeeding


Mothers travelling with their babies will be happy to know that the JetBlue terminal at the Kennedy Airport, La Guardia Airport and the Newark Liberty International Airport in New York have placed out four breastfeeding stations.

Sponsored by baby care brand Seventh Generation the pods feature two benches, an electrical outlet and doors that fully shut for maximum privacy.

The stations come with a Mamava app helping mothers to find the pods in the airports.


4.  Navigate the complexities of dining while abroad


Didn’t order a rare steak or marinated snails?

These nifty wallet-sized guides will help you to navigate through complex restaurant menus abroad and help you to make sense of your order without embarrassing yourself or the waiter.

The handy 24-page phrase book is not bigger than a credit card and lists important information on potential menu options.

Currently the guides are available for the popular tourist destinations of France, Italy and Spain and are perfect for allergy sufferers or those following restrictive diets.


5. Airline produces personalised on-board magazines

The Brazilian TAM airlines was concerned about the fact that passengers seem rather indifferent for the content of in-flight magazines, with less than 11% actually reading them and knew it was time for a change.

So to celebrate the anniversary of its Milan – São Paulo route in May 2015, Tam Airlines created free personalised on-board magazines for each passenger. The airline introduced a Facebook Connect request during the online purchase process, in order to access information about passengers’ friends, likes, places and photographs. The information was then used to generate customized content for each passenger.

Each magazine was placed on each passengers seat giving the travellers a happy surprise to see their photos on a cover of an in-flight magazine!

Have you seen any cool travel trends this week?