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Top 5 travel trends of the week

Recycled cabin crew uniforms, turtle-looking hydration backpacks and oxygen-infused smoothies. We've listed our top five travel trends this week.

Recycled cabin crew uniforms, turtle-looking hydration backpacks and oxygen-infused smoothies. We’ve listed our top five travel trends this week.


1. Oxygen-infused smoothies and underwater jenga


If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air this new oxygen bar in Mexico is not for you.

Stationed at Carnival’s Puerta Maya port in Cozumel this unusual bar containing 13,000 gallons of water has been dubbed the ‘Clear Lounge’.

Not too surprisingly guests are required to put on special diving helmets before accessing this underwater bar (which is actually over ground in form of a tank).

The spacey helmets are not just loaded with oxygen, the bar guests can also choose an aromatherapy scent based on their mood and preference.

So what do you do in the bar?

Well you drink, but rather than alcohol infused G&Ts the guests are treated to oxygen-infused smoothies and games of underwater Jenga, bubble guns and photo booths.


2. The G-Rough Hotel in Rome takes design to a new level


This Rome based luxury boutique hotel is a dream for any Italian design lover.

Located within a sixteenth century palazzo-style building that has been transformed around the theme of “Made in Italy.”

The G-Rough Hotel offers 10 unique suites for guests to choose from which all features upscale design pieces such as original works of designers like Guglielmo Ulrich and Giò Ponti.

This gives the hotel guests an unique opportunity to get up close and personal with important design pieces by relevant Italian designers.


3. Track all your luggage movements


This clever suitcase tracker is designed to be placed into your luggage, keeping you connected to the status of your possessions during air travel from check-in to baggage claim.

Equipped with a GSM-enabled tracking device that has a SIM card inside it makes it possible for the gizmo to even detect if your bag is being opened, or if somebody else is walking off with it.

Instead of rushing to the luggage carousel you can take that bathroom break and even pick up a coffee knowing that you will receive a notification when your suitcase is on its way to the pickup carousel.

4. Carry a mini water reservoir in your backpack


This turtle-looking hydration backpack is capable of accumulating moisture beneath its shell making it a handy water reservoir for any desert hikes.

So how does it work?

The shell collects water droplets from morning dew and fog and leads it down a tube so the hiker can take sips with the bag still carried on the back.

The turtle shell also protects the water from contamination so the water is perfectly drinkable.

5. JetBlue recycles cabin crew uniforms


A collaboration between an airline and a messenger bag manufacturer has resulted in some rather resourcefully produced voyaging accessories.

Made my Manhattan Portage, these JetBlue bags are stitched together using old cabin crew uniforms.

When JetBlue was redesigned the staff uniforms they decided to make use of the old fabric and turn the outdated ensembles into practical travel cases, toiletry bags, clutches, computer bags and carry-on duffels.

Have you seen any travel trends this week? Share them with us in the comment section below…