Forget everything you’ve ever thought about campers, motor homes and RV’s. The Elysium RV changes everything. And then some.


The Elsium RV is an eight-foot wide, 45ft long motor home that comes with its own rooftop hot tub and a two-seater helicopter.

Yes you heard that correctly.

It’s own rooftop hot tub AND helicopter.



This ultimate road trip monster is a gadget-lover’s dream with three massive screens and several infotainment systems for when you just want to stay indoors and chill.

It’d be fair to say that the inside of the exquisite Elsium is far better than most people’s apartments. And it comes with it’s own wheels.

It even has a fireplace to snuggle up next to.



There’s also a smart power shower and steam room in the smart bathroom and an intelligent lav that works out what type of toilet business you’re in for (a number one or number two) and opens one of two loo seats accordingly.



Up on the rooftop it’s all fun and games with a gorgeous deck and a party sized hot tub with a marine grade audio system to crank up the tunes.

Which you may need if you’re planning on taking your noisy helicopter for a spin as the landing area is also on the roof.

The two-person R22 helicopter is just perfect for nipping out to the shops to grab a few camping supplies like milk, bread and perhaps some BBQ coals.





“So where do I buy such a piece of awesomeness?” We hear you cry.

Sadly, the Elsyium isn’t actually for sale and is purely a concept designed by Furrion, a global innovation company that creates tech products for the luxury market.

They dreamt it up (Probably over a few beverages) to showcase their new products to customers.

But what if it was for sale? The price tag apparently, is US$2.5 million.

Would you be up for an Elsyium for your next road trip?