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KO Reviews: SYD – NRT Japan Airlines Economy Class

I found the best seat on Japan Airlines' 777-300 from Sydney to Narita, and it's not in Business Class.

I found the best seat on Japan Airlines’ 777-300 from Sydney to Narita, and it’s not in Business Class.



Nor is it in First Class or Premium Economy… it’s actually in Economy.

The seat was just like any other Economy seat, in that, it did not lie-flat, it wasn’t extra wide and the entertainment screen was the same size as those being used by my fellow Economy passengers.

It didn’t have leg rests nor was it closed off from the person next to me.

No, in many ways the best seat in Japan Airlines’ Boeing was very much like the other Economy chairs, except it had this one differing factor… EXTRA LEG ROOM!


The Seat


Last week I had the chance to experience the incredible 23H (aka my precious), which is located right behind Premium Economy. So instead of facing the backs of chairs, myself and everyone else in row 23 faced a wall, and there was a fairly generous gap between us and the class divider. Just check out how far my feet are from the wall in this pic above.

Never realised how much a little extra room can change the flying experience, until Japan Airlines gave me the chance to try it for myself.

An added bonus was that despite it looking like an exit row, it actually wasn’t. So we in row 23 didn’t have the responsibility of launching slides in the event of an emergency.

Aside from the added space, the aisle seat meant that I could move around freely, while enjoying all the other perks of flying Japan Airlines’ Economy Class.

For example, the seat had a retractable monitor, which featured a variety of shows and movies in both English and Japanese… of course, it took me a while to realise my seat came with a monitor, so I spent the first hour-and-a-half of the flight re-watching 50 Shades of Grey (for the 10th time) on my iPod (don’t judge!).

A pouch attached to the wall, meant that I could store some of my items nearby… the location of the pouch was also a bonus because it forced me to stand up more often.

Other things I loved about 23H, the tray table, which tucked away nicely into the armrest plus the headrest had side panels to keep my head from falling to one side.

OH, and how could I forget! Shout out to Japan Airlines for providing Economy Passengers with toothbrushes in the lavatory. Much appreciated.


Food and Drinks


Unfortunately, an upset stomach prevented me from trying the chicken lunch, but I did watch on enviously as my neighbour devoured her tray.

Food presentation was stunning and it was perhaps the most appealing airlines I’ve ever seen in Economy in a while.

I did get a chance to try the spinach and cheese quiche towards the end of the flight, which tasted as good as it looked. Plus it came with a Tim Tam so #winning.


The Service

Japan Airlines

In a word, unbeatable.

Japan Airlines staff are not only attentive, but incredibly sweet and efficient.

They moved through the cabin with genuine content and enthusiasm to help wherever possible, even if it was assisting a shorty like me with retrieving my carry-on from the overhead locker (for a third time).


The Verdict


Incredible staff, comfortable seating, top entertainment and delicious dishes – what’s not to love about flying with Japan Airlines.


The Details

When: Sunday 23 October
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300
Route: Sydney – Narita
Seat: 23H
Flight time: 9 hours and 30 minutes (arrived on schedule)

Have you flown Japan Airlines’ Economy recently? Share your experience with us.