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11 timely things I learned from 2014

Happy New Year to you wherever you may be in the world. To kick-start 2015 I wanted to share some timely insights with you from my experience of 2014.

Happy New Year to you wherever you may be in the world. To kick-start 2015 I wanted to share some timely insights with you from my experience of 2014.

Like you i’d imagine, at the end of every year I take pen to paper and scribble down my most memorable insights from the year that was.

As is standard for most years, for me 2014 had its usual rollercoaster of personal and professional highs and lows.

So here’s the life lessons I ended up with. I thought sharing them could be a positive move for you to perhaps share yours too.

In 2014 I was reminded that… 

1. Time is all we have. Whether we’re charging for it as a service professionally or enjoying it personally – make sure you maximise the value of it and don’t waste it or let others waste it for you.

2. Every decision we make alters the course of our life in some shape or form. Some decisions require more thought than others, some are no brainers. But it’s important to recognise the difference and find appropriate thinking time for each. Revert to point 1.

3. Succeeding in the world is actually about understanding people. It’s all too easy to get carried away with the internet of things, the analytics of demographics and crunching the numbers of well, numbers. It’s actually human beings who front all of this and the more time we take to appreciate and listen to what’s really going on – the more we’ll get out of life. See point 1.

4. Taking true time out often is critical to creative thinking and an enjoyable life. Mobile and device free. And when it comes to spending time with family and friends – its time we can never buy back. Cherish it. And re-read point 1.

5. ‘Just doing good’ is the only way to go. The opposite is a much shorter-term plan fraught with unhappiness and solitude. Give and then give some more. Remember point 1?

6. Getting back to people quickly is imperative. I’m often slow to respond to people who leave messages or emails. That’s unacceptable. A quick response is an appropriate one. Point 1 lives by this mantra.

7. There should be a strategy for everything. Otherwise, why are we doing it in the first place? Answers to solutions should start with ‘what if?’. Don’t waste the beautiful simplicity of point 1.

8. Daily exercise not only stimulates the brain, but it clears out the cobwebs and helps us think clearly and creatively. Plus it’s fun. Take the time to exercise point 1 again.

9. Speaking of fun. We should all ask ourselves frequently – “when was the last time we had fun?” And laughed, really laughed. If it wasn’t recently then perhaps something needs to change in our life. Point 1 will help enhance this thought.

10. Friends and business need nurturing like all good relationships. And nurturing takes precious time that needs to be prioritised. Did I mention point 1?

11. It all comes back to point 1. Time. Use it wisely.

Here’s to a year full of rich experiences, love, laughter and frequent time out.

What’s your key learning from 2014?