Why lose good employees when all you really need to do is keep them challenged and offer them variety and career progression?


All too often we hear from job seekers that they are really happy with their current work environment and the company culture yet they are unchallenged by their current position and see no room for diversity or career advancement nor the opportunity to increase their skill set.

With experienced team members becoming harder to find and the cost of employing new staff on the rise, it makes sense to find ways within your business to keep good talent from moving on.

Some innovative ideas to consider:

1. Keep an open door policy, make yourself available and approachable to your employees so they feel comfortable approaching you about their intentions.

2. Offer a flexible job structure – can your positions be split to enable employees to gain experience in another areas of your business? Can some of your high turnover roles be structured to include another dimension to the usually repetitive nature. eg. Could a reservations staff member be rotated to the product team once a week?

3. Get to know your team and you may be pleasantly surprised to find some hidden talents and skills that could benefit the business whilst keep your team challenged. For example, your product person may speak French and that could be an opportunity to build a new market for your business whilst developing the sales skills of the employee.

Alternatively you may have a keen photographer among your team, this could be of financial benefit to the business reducing overheads on corporate photos whilst keeping the employee challenged and interested.

Rather than lose good team members to the competition you may benefit from developing their current skill set and offering them the chance to grow within your business. This in turn will only make your company more appealing to future employees.

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