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6 leadership traits of successful female leaders

Last year I ran a survey and collected over 200 responses from Leaders in Heels readers about what makes a successful female leader.

Last year I ran a survey and collected over 200 responses from Leaders in Heels readers about what makes a successful female leader.

After cleaning the data and grouping the responses into clusters I discovered there were six traits leaders used in their life:

1. Passion

Female leaders are passionate about what they do which gives them energy to work long hours or not give up even when the odds are against them. They make the time to create the life they want.

2. Creativity

Female leaders are creative in achieving their goals, finding new ways to get from one place to another. They love to be different.

3. Innovation

Female leaders think outside the box. They embrace technology and innovate by doing things differently.

4. Confidence

Female leaders are confident. They are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs and take on new challenges.

5. Determination

Female leaders are determined to keep going even when things are falling apart. They know that success develops from failures.

6. Kindness

Female leaders have an open mind and a compassionate heart. They promote diversity and live with integrity.

Inspired by the research, we recently launched the Make Your Mark notebook crowdfunding project on social enterprise platform Start Something Good to launch inspirational notebooks with a simple goal in mind – to create more female leaders and inspire them to develop these important skills at school, at home, or even on the road.

Check out the video to find out more:

The MAKE YOUR MARK notebooks have been designed to encourage women to follow their passion, to be more creative and innovative in their lives, to feel more confident and determined in their endeavours and to maintain a kind heart while becoming successful.

Every page of the notebook has been infused with quotes, thoughts and assignments to stimulate a new way of thinking. Plenty of room to make your own daily notes, travel adventures and thoughts, set your own goals and plan your life at its best.


Additionally, for every dollar pledged above the tipping point we will donate 15% to support the work of Dress for Success.

It is an amazing charity that provides women in need with professional clothing, a network of support, practical skills and mentoring to improve their employability and achieve economic independence. By purchasing the notebook you can be sure that you are giving a gift not just to yourself but also to other women in need.

Join the movement today and make your mark: http://startsomegood.com/makeyourmark

What do you think? Do you have any leadership tips of your own to add?