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How to hire the right staff

If you lack confidence or have any doubts when it comes to hiring staff, by applying the Law of Attraction you can start attracting switched-on employees for your business.

If you lack confidence or have any doubts when it comes to hiring staff, by applying the Law of Attraction you can start attracting switched-on employees for your business.


That’s because by definition, the Law of Attraction is when our thoughts, feelings and words magnetise to us what we think. Put it this way, we all have an energy vibration and depending on what level we operate at determines the kinds of outcomes we have in life. That means, if you think positive thoughts, then you will have rewarding experiences. But if your mindset is uncertain, wavering, or negatively geared, you will only attract unfavourable results, including the types of people you surround yourself with.

Of course, applying the Law of Attraction takes practice, along with a rock-solid understanding of the ‘knowing-doing gap’. That’s because your subconscious mind, which is essentially there to serve you, is a potent means to achieve what you really want.

So in order to attract the right employees for your business, you need to have positively clear thoughts, intentions and ideas about the types of people you wish to employ, as well as a strong sense of trust and intuition within yourself.

Here’s how you can hire the ultimate staff:

1. Visualise

karryon law of attraction

Visualise people who can work together

While it’s a good idea to document the favourable qualities required in prospective employees, visualisation is one of the most powerful techniques you can use with regards to who you would like to have as a personality archetype in your business. Naturally you want people who you will get along with, are respectful, honest, genuinely optimistic, trustworthy, confident, clear communicators, committed and innovative, plus share your vision for the business. What’s more, it’s always good to employ someone who covers your weaknesses. That because your employees help cultivate new and progressive ideas for the company that might not have occurred to you.


2. Attitude

karryon law of attraction

Positive attitude goes a long way

Generally speaking, a candidate’s character traits, mindset and attitude towards life are key. In saying that, it’s also good to employ people who have similar beliefs and attitudes as you because it will have a flow-on effect within the business. Basically, you want a strong, positive and good humoured individual who can weather the storms of business as they arise, especially if they are interested in more senior or managerial roles. But on the flipside, you also need to observe if there are any signs of mood swings or personal issues, otherwise they could potentially disrupt your businesses’ productivity if you do take them on.


3. Body Language

karryon body language

Body language says a lot about a person

Tried and tested, body language is a huge indicator of an individual’s personality, self-esteem, and genuine interest in the role. This includes the way they sit on the chair in the interview, the way they hold themselves (upright or hunched, arms crossed or open), the way they walk, the way they are dressed, eye contact, smiling or not smiling, etc. Yes, all the generic formulas. However, I like to take it a step further and use my intuition in regards to language indicators as well. That is, how a candidate speaks, including the tone they use. Is it low and soft, upbeat, or fast? It’s important to know if they are a clear speaker and how easily they convey things.


4. Previous History

karryon law of attraction

There are two sides to someone’s work history

While many employers look at prior work history as a major indicator, I tend to regard it as a moderate factor. Of course, you want to have someone who has worked elsewhere for a reasonable amount of time because it shows that they are willing to sustain that job. But it’s also good to ask why they left or are intending to leave another role. Maybe they didn’t feel passionate about what they did. If so, it takes courage for them to admit that, which is admirable. Always remember, there are two sides to someone’s work history, so you don’t want to make assumptions about it. You need to dig deep into why they left. Also, you need to look at what an individual has been able to achieve, not necessarily from a financial point of view, but with generating their own ideas and what they have actually come up with.


5. Goals & Aspirations

karryon law of attraction

Hobbies and aspirins are important

Speaking of achievements, it’s always good to ask prospective employees what their passions, personal goals, dreams and visions are as these all indicate self-motivation. By asking them what their own hobbies and aspirations are, and if they have started pursuing them, reveals that they are not going to be lying dormant in life or wait for the world to pass them by. They are going to take some action in life and pursue things. It also shows if they have a good work ethic and the direction they want to head in.

That said, a lot of people are good at putting masks on and playing charades, so you need to ask some questions that are not generally expected. If they can face up to those curly questions, then you know someone has a strong character and is confident within themselves. It really comes back to self-worth.

What do you look for in an employee?

This article was written by Johnny Carter, a “Law of Attraction’ mentor and serial entrepreneur, specialising in Speaker Sessions and Topic Seminars for groups and events. Get to know Johnny here.