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Network like a boss in 6 simple steps

No matter how you look at it, networking is vital for gaining traction with your business, especially when starting out or if taking a new direction.

No matter how you look at it, networking is vital for gaining traction with your business, especially when starting out or if taking a new direction.

In saying that, it’s important that you attract optimistic, accomplished and likeminded people to help you on your business journey.

Why? Because they will support and inspire you and provide referrals. Plus, these similarly aligned people (be it ethics, approach, attitude, integrity, achievement level, etc.) are genuinely interested in seeing you succeed; they totally get what you are doing, regardless of what your business or service might be.

What’s more, there’s really no excuse not to network, whether it be online with Skype and webinars, or in person. In fact, the power of networking is so significant it goes over and above social media. Wherever possible, face-to-face is the best way to go.

Here’s 6 easy steps to becoming a top networker.

1. Be Discerning

As you are a product of your environment, it really comes down to having the power to be able to discern the types of people you do want in your life and who are actually going to help and resonate with your vision. Hanging around negative or unsupportive people, even if they are friends, is only going to bring you down, so it’s best to avoid them.


2. Step Beyond Your Comfort Zone

It’s amazing when you put yourself out there and step outside of your comfort zone how people come into your life and can be of a great service to you, if you are willing. Sometimes it can take just one or two key people in your network to help you get the ball rolling.

Additionally, you can never underestimate the power of synchronicity. It’s amazing what miracles happen when you are open to receiving people in your life. When you are networking, you are better off doing this with people you don’t know and who can add value to what you are doing.


3. Connecting & Asking For Help

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Let’s face it, you are not going to be able to achieve everything by yourself and you can’t start anything without the help of others. As human beings, we’re not meant to be isolated. We are all connected and are meant to be in ‘tribes’, helping and supporting each other. However, if you are working solo or have a home-based business, interacting in person at networking events is terrific for your mental wellbeing. 

No matter how your business is set up, you need to realise that you are not going to be great at doing absolutely everything. That’s why it’s important to connect and surround yourself with people who are good at the things you are not particularly adept at. In order for your business to really move ahead, focus on your signature strength and then have others, who are great at what they do, help you with those other areas.


4. The Value of Mentors

Don’t be afraid to approach leaders in their field. Ask for guidance from those people who have been there and done that, and who you aspire to be. They can only be of help to you, if they are willing to do that. While it’s not easy to have all the time, it’s important to have mentors. Keep in mind that you still have to have your own compass and your own direction. You don’t have to be identical.


5. Trust & Grow

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As business is about relationships, you must be willing to trust. You need to give others the chance to be trusted early on. And, if it doesn’t work out, rather than see it as failure or mistakes, consider it as feedback for learning.

Of course, the more successful you become in business, the more essential it is to have the best possible network. There will always be critics when you are in business, particularly as you gather momentum. Instead of succumbing to criticism, look to your support network to help you through.


6. Have the Right Intention

When it comes to resolving a business related issue that you have been thinking about, it’s uncanny how often someone turns up in your life with the answer you need at that exact right time. But for this to work, you need to have the right intention and not be attached to any outcome. Then let the universe supply the people who come into your life at the right time to help you in that particular area.

This article was written by Johnny Carter, a “Law of Attraction’ mentor and serial entrepreneur, specialising in Speaker Sessions and Topic Seminars for groups and events. Get to know Johnny here.

What’s your secret networking tip?