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MINDFUL TRAVEL: A new beginning in the industry

People are helping create the fabric as to how travel will be in the future; ethical, sustainable, mindful, essentially travel will change us & change the world.

People are helping create the fabric as to how travel will be in the future; ethical, sustainable, mindful, essentially travel will change us & change the world.

As I sit back on my comfy couch daydreaming about where 2019 is going to take me and the glorious adventures that are to be had, my mind wanders back to all the wonder, beauty, and changes that happened in 2018 embracing and giving thanks for all that I was able to experience throughout our magnificent and glorious world.


This got my mind wandering about the travel industry for 2018 and how we were at the peak of change. About all of the trailblazers, pioneers, and freedom creators who are out there making it happen and all of those adventures who would no longer be ok with travel the way it has been before.
All of these people are helping create the fabric as to how travel will be in the future; Ethical, Sustainable, Mindful Travel, essentially TRAVEL THAT WILL CHANGE US AND CHANGE THE WORLD.

I thought today in my first of many musings and interviews focused on this new awakening in the travel industry I would share who I am with you, what created a change in me as to how I was going to choose to travel, and what inspired me to create my unique path in the industry that would do just this – change us and change the world.


It’s lovely to meet you all today as you read this article. I am Jasmine, known as The Pied Piper of Positive Change and also The Empowered Goddess. Travel always meant a way for me to escape, to be on a journey of self and world discovery, to connect with others who we think are so different from us but we realize are so similar, and to have part of me change for the better as I explore each unique location while giving back to local communities, tribes, people within those destinations.

I was lucky enough to make that my career in 2014. I was always drawn to creating once in a lifetime unique experiential travel itineraries and ones that submerged my clients into the journey not just on the journey of experiencing the culture, foods, sights off the beaten track, and beliefs/stories of that destination ensuring that they connect with their mind, heart, soul and returning home connected with self and the world even more.


I have now created a platform that allows me to take adventure seekers on these journeys to awaken their purpose, passions and paths. To travel ethically leaving behind only footprints in the sand, to awaken our senses for helping others as we travel and giving back to those we encounter, to be mindful of the experiences we choose to partake in and to ensure harmonious and moral practices to the environment, people, animals are practised by those providing them locally.

I invite you today to have a look at what kinds of travel you enjoy or book for your clients and the suppliers, wholesalers, tour companies you choose to work with and the impact you make when you explore our stunning world and prompt you to ask yourself – how you can make a change, even a small one to help create a better way to travel and explore to ensure our future generations can as well?


Join me over on the Empowered Goddess Travel page on Facebook and let’s chat about your inspiring journey of experiential ethical, sustainable travel that changes you and/or the world. Share your stories, who you choose to book with, where you love to go and how you make a difference on your (or clients) journeys of world and self-discovery.

Looking forward to next week’s article where I will be connecting you with one of the tour companies who has had this as a core belief, and structure in their business from the get-go, see you next week.

The Pied Piper of Positive Change.


Which destination inspires you?