The Super Bowl is an annual American football event that goes for around 4 hours, features two teams smashing each other up to win some big silverware and a load of celebrities performing for a ton of cash.


What the Super Bowl is more famous for in my books is it’s annual creativity contest in the TV ad stakes.

It’s where every year, advertising mad men (and ahem, women) all over the U.S strive to conjour up and create the most popular ads that get shown (and hopefully loved) to millions of people worldwide (111.9 million people this year to be exact, which was just short of the 2015 record of 114.4 million).

And that’s before YouTube views.

Given TV networks charged an average of US $5 million for a 30-second spot during the game this year you’d better hope your ad got a resounding thumbs up. So the heat as always was most definitely on. And the range of ideas were as usual, out there.

Here’s my top 5 Super Bowl selection and no, Lady Gaga singing the national anthem doesn’t count as an ad.

Which one’s were your favourites?


1. Avo’s in Space – Avocados from Mexico

Clever and just downright funny. Love it. One of the best. Brilliant ending.


2. Audi A8 – Commander

Stylish, cinematic and on theme given David Bowie’s recent sad departure. Pump up the volume.


3. Heinz Ketchup Game Day – Weiner Stampede.

Weiner dogs in costume. People wearing sauce bottle suits. Genius.


4. Honda – A new truck to love

More randomness and singing sheep. But what would Freddy Mercury say?


5. Bud Light – The Bud light Party

Ok I confess. I love Amy Schumer. But more than that this ad is funny and has a great pace.


6. Amazon Echo – Baldwin Bowl Party

Crappy ad, But an epic cast and has it’s moments mostly thanks to Jason Schwarzman. But how did disgraced MP Bronwyn Bishop get herself in the ad?


7. Hyundai – The First Date

It’s cheesy, but you’ve got to love Kevin Hart and his comedy antics.


8. Mountain Dew Kick Start – #puppymonkeybaby

Just totally weird. But in some ways memorable. Was also voted the worst ad of the Super Bowl.


9. Coca Cola – Coke Mini (Hulk vs Ant-Man)

Awesome animation as you’d expect and a fun little ad. Entertaining.


10. Skittles – The Portrait featuring Steven Tyler

This is the winner for me. The legendary Steven Tyler of Aerosmith meets a faceful of Skittles. Simple, a little bit bizarre and hilariously funny.

So which ad was your favourite? Share your thoughts below…