Maxine Wiggs and Fiona Hunt have launched a new business concept to help businesses find scale. The new business ‘Resource’, has been developed to break the traditional model of resourcing business growth and find economical ways to scale up.

“Traditionally, businesses trying to grow have relied on full or part time staff or bringing in expensive consultants to find scale. This is just not flexible enough for most businesses who need good skills and experience but at more flexible arrangements, “Says Wiggs, Director of Resource “With Resource, businesses can hire junior, mid level, or senior executives hire by the hour, by the project, or on retainer.”

The business provides services across all business areas from sales, marketing and digital to HR, PR, finance, strategy, recruitment and even virtual reality.


Fiona Hunt

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Maxine Wiggs

Yes, we have consultants from a US virtual reality provider and we are getting ahead of the curve working with businesses that are keen to explore new technologies.

We have a team of 12 consultants so far working across all business areas, with companies drawing on a range of services such as HR management, business/strategy planning, building a new website and run social media.

Recruitment has also been particularly popular, where we have broken the traditional model of charging high commissions for placement, by charging a simple hourly rate for all recruitment services.

Resource also offers a range of workshops for businesses looking to take grow their skills in house: photography, digital for business growth, and PR master-classes feature.

“Businesses are evolving very rapidly and the new sharing economy means that companies are looking for outcomes focused resourcing outside of the traditional full time/part time model. We are excited to already be working with a range of travel industry businesses who are utilising this new model of doing business.”

Fiona Hunt

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What are your thoughts on this new business concept?