Meanwhile in NZ… it’s a face off between snowboarders and Skiers in an epic snow battle served up by Air New Zealand.


Air New Zealand are continuing on their engaging ‘Meanwhile in New Zealand’ video series with their latest edition called ‘Snow fight’.

Not surprisingly, it’s exactly that – a snow fight that takes place between a bunch of hipster style skiers and a posse of narly looking snowboarders.

The battle takes place in Wanaka in the South Island (well where else?!) and is of course another great showpiece for New Zealand and the airline that gets you there, wherever you may be travelling from.

The video is part of a social media campaign offering punters who hit the South Island slopes this season the opportunity to win back their airfares by hashtagging their experiences using the hashtag #meanwhileinnz.

It’s a bit of of a goofy laugh with the trademark Air New Zealand hosties make an appearance midway to serve up the hot toddies and smiles and led their support.

With an epic Lord of the Rings/Great Escape style soundtrack and a couple of catapults launching giant snowballs, all I can say is I wish i’d been there to enjoy the fun too.

It’s certainly got me thinking about heading over to the snow. Which naturally was the point. Sold!

And did you see the excellent Tortoise and the Hare video?

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