If I had a dollar for every time someone had asked me to create a video that will ‘go viral’, I would probably be writing this now for fun on my yacht in Cannes.

Because while there is a science of sorts to creating a YouTube sensation, no-one truly knows all the ingredients in the magic sauce to ensuring a video gets shared as much as say the latest Air New Zealand Epic in-flight piece of art might.

Unless you’re Air New Zealand themselves that is, who whilst they remain at their peak of popularity are probably the only brand who can truly bank on some seriously massive viewing numbers for all their videos.

A testament in itself to the creative Kiwi airline for being brave in the first place and differentiating themselves. So much so, people actually look forward to watching their next installment not even on a plane. Not many brands can say that.

This ‘in-ferry’ safety video from Condor Ferries in the Channel Islands however, is a distinctly poorer cousin by comparison and a meagre attempt at being funny in the vain hope that the video will go viral thanks to the help of some Social and media exposure.

The problem is, it isn’t funny at all.

It could even go down (pun intended) as the most embarrassing safety video of all time.

Aside from the completely over done acting by fourth rate talent (staff? Hmm not so sure) and cheesy lines, the video is far too polished for it to be taken seriously. Topped off awfully with a not so ‘good times safety rap’ theme it’s completely naff and whilst the grey rinse crowd might have a good titter it’s unlikely they’ll be sharing it on social media anytime soon.

Personally I think i’d be ready to don a lifejacket and jump overboard rather than see out the 2.27 minutes this video painfully puts you through before they cast away the bowlines.

If you want to unknowingly create a low budget video that will go viral for all the right and wrong reasons, Thorn Travel’s hit of 2014 is still the benchmark.

Good work ladies.

What do you think of Condor Ferries safety video? Hit or miss?