Contiki leverages 10 of the world’s hottest YouTubers to showcase Asia as a playground for millennial travellers in the fourth season of their RoadTrip campaign.

After previously running The RoadTrip twice in Europe & once in Australia, this year’s trip is set to tackle one of Contiki’s more unique destinations, visiting Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam.

Tens of millions will follow the trip online, giving the brand the opportunity to showcase how different travelling Asia is with Contiki.

YouTubers will experience Asia in the same way as any Contiki traveller, staying in premium centrally located hotels with pools and WiFi, and enjoying superior included transport to save time getting to and around each destination.

With the influence of YouTubers continuing to grow in millennial audiences, Contiki keeps raising the bar with its innovative content campaigns.

“The authentic way YouTubers can share our story resonates with our media savvy consumers”

Katrina Barry, Contiki Australia’s Managing Director

“Influencers can share the experience of travelling with Contiki in a far more compelling way than traditional advertising.” The YouTubers joining Contiki in Asia have a combined base of over 20 million YouTube subscribers, demonstrating unrivalled reach into millennial consumers that would cost millions through other means.

Millennial travellers view time as a powerful commodity, and won’t let getting from A to B limit the experiences they want to fit into their trip.  Contiki includes internal flights in the cost of many of their trips in the region, this year partnering with AirAsia to help bring The RoadTrip to life.

“Partnering with Contiki to help power the RoadTrip this year is a perfect fit for AirAsia. Our pan-Asian multi-hub operation creates an unrivalled network in and around the region, perfect for anyone’s RoadTrip, “ says Stuart Myerscough, Commercial Head Australia and New Zealand, AirAsia. “We have also recently unveiled the AirAsia ASEAN pass, enabling any traveller to explore our whole South East Asian network.”

The group will benefit from having one of Contiki’s Trip Managers joined by expert local guides in each destination, helping travellers – of which in Asia there are no more than 30 per Contiki group – get under the skin of every place they visit.

Don’t believe the hype? You can watch it unfold for yourself, as Contiki will be creating a web series chronicling the trip with episodes uploaded daily to, and will be using Meerkat to live stream video content on @contiki.

The RoadTrip: Asia 2015, powered by Contiki kick started on April 18th, for more information visit

What do you think about Contiki’s innovative content campaign? Is YouTube a growing marketing channel for the travel industry?