Australia is famed for scorching summers, the outdoor lifestyle and beautiful beaches, making it a prime destination for travellers.

We all know that peak tourism season is during the summer months between November – February but hey, our winters aren’t bad either, right?

Many of us in the travel industry experience a slump in business during off-peak seasons and are accustomed to looking at additional tactics to generate business during the quieter months.

At Klick, we provide our travel clients with expert PR and communication strategies to help them stay on-message and keep customers engaged and interested in their destinations all year round. And it’s pretty easy, once you know how.

Here are some quick and easy tips from the top to help you boost your brand during the winter months and say Aloha to some extra winter revenue.


worldwideweb_KarryOnThe web never sleeps, so it’s vital that you make sure your SEO is spot on. During the winter months, travellers search terms may vary, so be savvy with your digital PR tactics and ensure that you’ve got the correct search terms to boost your website to the top of Google’s listings.

Look at what’s happening in the media.

If a story is positive and can relate back to your brand, then react to it. At Klick, we call this ‘Kwik Response’. It is best practiced on real-time platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, as it is a simple tactic that if done correctly can generate interest and conversation around your brand. One of the most clever and simple examples of a travel brand using Kwik Response to react to an event was Air New Zealand’s clever response after the same-sex marriage bill was passed in New Zealand in April. The airliner utilised their resources and sparked a media campaign to find a same-sex couple to get married on board a flight from Queenstown to Auckland.  The result = increased consumer interest, conversation and an excellent PR tactic!

One time only

5_bucket listTo get your destination off a traveller’s “one day” list and on to the “must-do” list, you have to present them with an exclusive opportunity, such as a limited time offer. To maximise a not to be missed event or opportunity, make the most of mobile technology by targeting consumers via social media and email marketing, offering an exclusive offer or deal, for a limited time. To ensure you get them from the dreaming stage to the booking stage, it is a good idea to optimise and promote any activity on social media, accompanied by amazing visuals to really get your customers excited to book now.


Sale_Holiday_KarryOnDeals are an easy way to generate interest during the winter months. By offering hot deals and discounts to existing customers, you make them feel special and drive interest during the off-peak season. Including a customised deal in your email newsletter is a great way to reach existing customers, especially as the cost of converting a new customer is high, so hot deals are an excellent opportunity to cultivate relationships with past guests and to entice them to book a trip with you again.

Which tips will you be using for your next campaign?


With more than 15 years experience in the media and marketing, Kim McKay is the founder of Sydney-based communications collective, Klick Communications. In 2008 Kim launched Klick in the knowledge that digital was changing the way brands communicate and has been consulting on Digital PR and Social Media strategies for a broad range of businesses, helping them develop platforms for future growth and brand evolvement. Prior to founding Klick, Kim was Director of Marketing at Toga Hospitality (now TFE Hotels) managing 4 brands and 45 hotels throughout Australia and Europe. To find out more about Klick, visit www.klick.com.au, contact Kim at [email protected] or follow Klick @klickComms