How do you get people on boats to start wearing life jackets to save themselves? Give them a taste of what it feels like to drown of course.


These days there are so many new types of water constantly coming into the market promising all kinds of wonderful things, it can be puzzling as to the benefits of just drinking plain old tap water anymore.

But thanks to a cheeky new campaign from French watersports brand Tribord, we now know at least one kind of nature’s elixr that won’t be catching on anytime soon.

To raise awareness of the dangers of drowning and sell a few life vests in the process, Tribord created a faux drink brand called ‘Wave’.

With a sleek can and cool silver and purple ‘Wave’ logo, as well as the usual Red Bull esque pop-up push of excited young folk handing out free samples, the drink was served up to sailors and colleagues at a Marina in the South of France.

Named “The Worst Drink In The World” – Who could resist? Watch the video and see what happened.

The hilarious part was that it was actually just canned seawater. Cue much coughing and spluttering.

On the back of the can, the label said, “Make this your last taste of drowning.”

The can also featured a shot of Tribord’s Izebar 50 life vest, which actually looks pretty cool as essentially a Gilet jacket rather than some overblown Michelin man affair.


Is this really a lifejacket. Yes it is.


Saving your own life is always a cool thing

What more of a reason could you need to save your life and still look cool in the process? Love it.

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