Travel PR specialists Klick Communications are back with a weekly update delivering you the latest in travel technology and the ever-changing social media scene. Read on for digital enlightenment.


1. Snapchat will soon allow users to subscribe to publishers on discover


Image Source: TechCrunch

Snapchat is working on how to drive traffic to its publishers on “ Discover”.

According to a report from Re/code, it has been “telling publishers using Discover that is plans to let its 100 million daily active users subscribe to their favourite channels.” This update is likely to come into play in May.

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2. Facebook plans to put ads in messenger


Image Source:

Facebook could be looking at new ways to monetise messenger. Ads could launch in the next couple months, although details have not been disclosed about the ad format.

The ads will only appear in message threads with businesses, and ads will only be served to people who previously contacted the business via Messenger.

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3. Facebook launches new website to help nonprofits master the platform


Image Source: Mashable

Facebook has announced a new website on Thursday dedicated to resources for nonprofits and NGOs to help them get the most from Facebook Pages.

Facebook says the new resource will be essential for nonprofits and NGOs looking to create a presence on the social network.

The site serves as a simple, accessible roadmap of best practices, with tips and tricks coming from the platform itself.

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4. Facebook instant articles will give all publishers faster loading, fewer monetisation options


Image Source: TechCrunch

Facebook instant articles will be available to any publisher starting April 12th.

Instant Articles improves the user experience because rather than forcing people to wait for web pages to slowly load which can lead to frustration and them closing the app or clicking away to another website, Instant Articles keeps people within the Facebook platform

There is a lot of discussion around whether Instant Articles are good for publishers, or something detrimental they’ll have to adopt or be left behind.

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5. Twitter’s new customer service features make it easier to send private messages and feedback


Image Source: TechCrunch

Businesses can now add a ‘send private message’ button to their tweets. You can start a conversation with a business via public tweets, then they can ask you to move to direct messaging with a single tap or click.

Twitter is also adding an option for businesses to privately ask for feedback after a customer service interaction.

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