Travel PR specialists Klick Communications are back with a weekly update delivering you the latest in travel technology and the ever-changing social media scene. Read on for digital enlightenment.


1. Twitter is testing a dedicated GIF button on mobile 


GIFs continue to be a winner in the social media space, this week it’s been reported that Twitter has been testing a button solely dedicated to GIFs.

A button appears between the camera and poll icons and when you push the button you can select trending GIFs or choose from mood based categories.

Although just a bit of fun at the moment, the opportunity for GIFs to have commercial value in the future is highly likely.

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2. View counts are coming to Instagram videos


Get ready to start seeing video view counts on Instagram. Following in the footsteps of Facebook, you will be able to see how many people have viewed your video content to see how well it’s performing.

Over the last six months the time spent watching videos on Instagram has increased by more than 40% and shows no sign of slowing down, with new features constantly being introduced such as longer video ads, as reported last week.

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3. Twitter’s new algorithmic timeline feature has landed 

Image source: The Drum

Image source: The Drum

Last week we were talking about Twitter’s new timeline and it’s already here!

But don’t worry if your timeline hasn’t changed, the feature is opt-in only for the time-being, you will need to go into your Twitter settings to turn it on.

Then when you open Twitter, the Tweets you’ll most likely to care about will be at the top of your timeline,  still recent and in reverse chronological order.

Everything else underneath is in reverse chronological order as normal. Twitter is arguably the most immediate platform and the update sustains that feature.

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4.What does Facebook’s new brand awareness objective mean for brands? 

Facebook has recently introduced a new campaign objective specifically for brand awareness. Now you can see if your ads are really attracting attention.

Estimated ad recall lift is the number of people who are likely to remember your ad two days after seeing it and Estimated ad recall lift rate is that number divided by the number of people you’ve reached.

Facebook haven’t disclosed exactly how this metric is calculated, what is known though is that engagement and how long an ad is on a user’s screen are two factors that influence the results.

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5. Facebook is rolling out a feature that will start automatically captioning video ads 

Image source: Ad Age

Image source: Ad Age

80% of people react negatively when mobile video ads automatically play loudly in content feeds. However, 41% of videos are meaningless without sound.

To over come this issue the network plans to begin automatically captioning video ads running its news feed, which automatically play with the sound off by default. Advertisers will be able to review and edit the automatic captions to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Facebook have reported that internal tests have shown that time viewed increased by an average 12%, when captions were added.

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