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1.Get ready for Facebook’s ‘Like’ button to gain some emoji friends 


Image source: The Huffington Post Australia

Facebook’s about to get a whole new suite of emotions, get ready to do more than just ‘like’ content.

In a matter of weeks reaction buttons will be come available, expect five emojis to represent ‘love’, ‘haha’, ‘sad’, ‘angry’ and ‘wow’.

A sociologist was enlisted to analyse the most common reactions across the social media platform to determine the emojis that would make the cut.


2. Instagram is the new ‘pay-to-play’ platform 


Instagram was one of the most engaging social platforms in 2015, but things are changing. Organic growth and engagement have plummeted and the platform is moving much more towards ‘pay-to-play’ in 2016.

In a report by Locowise, engagement was reported to have peaked in April 2015 and was the lowest in December. It posted a 61.43% drop from 2.8% in April to 1.8% in December. However, Instagram was still better than both Facebook and Twitter in terms of engagement, with a 0.37% and 0.1% engagement rate respectively.

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3. Periscope integrates with GoPro to bring live streaming to action cameras 

Image Source: The Verge

Image Source: The Verge

Periscope, the Twitter-owned-live streaming app has announced integration with GoPro. The move will attract surfers, skiers, snowboarders and other athletes, opening up more opportunities for cool content to be broadcast on the platform.

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4. Facebook lead generation ads get an exciting new update


Image source: we are social media

A few months ago Facebook introduced lead gen ads, opening up the opportunity for advertisers to capture their target audience’s email addresses. We have executed several campaigns for our partners and seen great success.

Now, two new features have been introduced to improve conversion and quality of leads.

Context cards are added titles that appear optionally when a user clicks on a lead gen ad. This creates an extra layer of protection against low-quality leads because they give the user more information about what to expect by signing up.

Carousel format is the second update. Comparatively to standard link posts we have seen much higher click through rates so this is a welcome update to lead gen options.


5.Burberry chooses WeChat for its latest campaign


Image source: we are social media

No stranger to pushing the digital boundaries, Burberry is one of the first brands to partner with WeChat to promote its products to the Chinese market.

Burberry’s latest campaign is an interactive one, to coincide with the Chinese Lunar New Year. Using WeChat’s swipe, tap and shake functions, users can discover and unwrap Burberry’s gifts for New Year. Users can then spread the message by creating a personalised New Year’s envelope to send to friends and be eligible for a competition.

Although a little slower to get off the ground in the United States and Australia, in markets like Asia, Europe, and India, messenger apps are having a huge impact and are continuing to grow.

Watch this space, Messenger apps are just getting started…

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