Travel PR specialists Klick Communications are back with a weekly update delivering you the latest in travel technology and the ever-changing social media scene. Read on for digital enlightenment.

1. Twitter opens flight school to all users

About a year and a half ago, Twitter launched Flight School, a training program for Advertising agencies. Now, Twitter has extended Flight School to all its users. Yeah!

Flight School for Twitter is a training program so you can sharpen your Twitter skills and read best practices, case studies and more.

Designed for Twitter users of all levels of experience, Flight School starts from the simple actions, with sessions going into more depth along the way, while looking at ways brands can use the platform and how they could use it for marketing purposes.

You can find it here.


2. Boeing’s future aircraft concept is uber cool

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 10.24.07 am

Image Source: PSFK

Slick entertainment screens, awe-inspiring LED light displays and doors that rise from the floor to ceiling are some of the concepts on the horizon for Boeing.

Tapping into the need for connected human experiences, other features include curved HD entertainment screens, ceiling panels that display stars while flying at night or sunny and blue skies during the day. Flying has never looked so appealing.

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3. Periscope to autoplay in your Twitter feed


Get ready for your Twitter newsfeed to get noisier.

Live stream videos from Pericope will soon start to autoplay inside of tweets on Twitter’s app and website. This will mean you no longer need to open a new app or website to watch Periscope streams.

Tapping into a video will launch a full screen view of the video for a more immersive experience, along with the comments and hearts you would expect to see in a typical Periscope stream.

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4. WhatsApp scraps subscription fee

Photo Credit: Digital Look

Photo Credit: Digital Look

WhatsApp has confirmed that the company is dropping its annual subscription fee to remove the barriers some users faced using the service.

According to the company blog there are no plans to introduce third-party ads. Future plans do include testing tools that allow you to use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses and organisations that you want to hear from.

The strategy may sound familiar to Facebook Messenger’s latest news that they will be introducing other features, like payments or the ability to hail a ride through Uber.

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5. Facebook tests a new browser that will make you never leave

Photo Credit: The Next Web

Photo Credit: The Next Web

It looks as though Facebook are working on an improved in-app browser.

Aside from the aesthetic shift, there also appears to be several new features. It looks like you can now input your URL should you want to check another page without leaving the Facebook app. Also, at the bottom you can see how popular a post is, and there are back and forward buttons, along with the ability to bookmark pages.

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