If you’re flying on the red roo anytime soon then coming home is about to get a whole plane load more emotional. After all, there really is no place like home.

If you loved the first installment of Qantas’ heart string snapper ‘Feels like home’ campaign launched a year ago, then you’ll most definitely fall in love all over again with this second wave of wonder from our national carrier.

In a fiercely competitive airline-advertising world full of busy ads that mostly showcase features and benefits such as the in-flight experience and usually the planes flying, it’s all too often the passenger’s emotional journey and travel experience that gets missed along the way.

Because whilst our work or pleasure travels may take us to any number of incredible destinations, experiences and life changing moments in our globetrotting – nothing beats coming home to re-connect with those we love the most.


Grab the tissues. You’re going to need them

In this latest ad we follow the story of the (real people – not actors) Shelper family as they come together for a family celebration lunch on the verandah of their family home.

The ad starts with Shelper family member ‘Brendan’ on a work trip in New York telling his disappointed mum on the phone that he’s not going to be able to make the family gathering back in Australia.

We then follow Brendan and his four siblings journey as they all travel home individually from varying regional and international destinations. And then, well… you know what happens next.

Spoiler alert: Brendan does make it.

Four 60-second ads in total have been created around each of the homecoming stories, together with a longer two-minute montage as featured above. The ads were filmed in New York, Los Angeles, Brisbane, Sydney, regional Victoria and Longreach.

Why do I love these ads? Aside from being iconically Australian and intrinsically familiar, they tell a story all of us can relate to as human beings that goes way beyond what most ads could ever hope to achieve.

With the same heart-stirring soundtrack used as last time from Martha Marlow, it is, simply beautiful.

Its also one step closer back to the glory days of ‘I still call Australia home’ ads, which proudly captured the nations attention for so long. And rightly so.

My guess is these ads are going to continue to play on many people’s minds in arrivals halls everywhere for a long time yet.

What do you think about these latest ads from Qantas? Share your thoughts below.