From adventurers making a living travelling the world and filming Youtube Videos, to Instafamous luxury travel bloggers giving us insights into some of the world’s most luxurious locations, it’s hard to miss content from travel influencers when we scroll on our phones.

Travel influencers, or social influencers, are your ordinary humans who have amassed a loyal fanbase on social media, their blogs and their Youtube channels. Aussie Brooke Saward of the World of Wanderlust blog might be a name you’ve heard before.

Or maybe English adventurer Fun for Louis has caught your attention on one of his escapades. These are just two names of influencers in the travel industry, but there are thousands more in travel and across a multitude of other areas.

Jessica is the girl behind the popular blog TuulaVintage

Jessica is the girl behind the popular blog TuulaVintage

So why are we talking about them? While so many mock the hashtags and the selfies, travel influencers can be a great way market your latest tour, attraction or activity offering. This is because their audience is highly engaged and loyal.

Here are 3 reasons why your tour, activity or attraction should consider an influencer collaboration to promote your business.


1.Social media is where travellers are looking for ideas

Last year, a massive 74% of travellers got their travel ideas from social media. Where do influencers distribute their content? You got it. Social media. With this in mind, point two comes as no surprise.


2.Travel influencers are impacting the tourist’s path to purchase

That’s right folks. Reviews produced by travel influencers do have an impact on the dreaming, trigger, planning and most likely the booking stage of the tourist’s path to purchase.

This is because influencers make their claim to fame by being normal and giving unbiased honest reviews about practically every aspect of their lives. From the food they eat, to their camera equipment, all the way to their latest holiday. They will provide their followers with an honest review.


3. Because trying something new is fun and exciting
Working with travel influencers is a fun way of marketing your business.

It gives you the time to really sit back and evaluate how you can give your customers the greatest time of their lives.

It might even help you spot any nuances that might be missing the mark. The review a travel influencer gives to your business could be the difference between a couple of bookings to thousands. But you’ll never know unless you give it a go.


But the question still remains, how do you find these influencers?

MODA Creative has several digital influencers on their books

MODA Creative has several digital influencers on their books

Finding influencers requires research.

You need to ensure the audience is the right fit and that they’re engaged with the influencer for the right reason – not just because they have a six-pack set of abs or because they look like a Victoria’s Secret model. To find them you need to listen on social media.

Tools such as Sprout Social and HootSuite can help you do this. Search for relevant hashtags and check out all of the social media channels your buyer personas spend time on – validate this by asking your customers who their favourite social media influencer is.

Another way to find influencers is to go through talent agencies and influencer networks. Instabrand, Tomoson, MODA Creative and The Remarkables Group are just some in the growing sector of influencer talent agencies.


And what kind of money are you up for?

If you managed to identify the right influencers for your business, you should get really good value for your money.

According to influencer marketplace Tomoson, you can expect a staggering $6.50 return for every $1 spent.

Pricing is dependant on agencies and the influencer. Some bigger influencers with large and engaged audiences charge more than $2,500 per Instagram post and product mention.

But influencers with a smaller following can be more affordable from anywhere near $100+ per post. It’s up to your marketing team to do the due diligence if the investment is the best option for your business.

Have you worked with a travel influencer before? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.