Student Flights have launched what is surely one of the quirkiest and clever travel ads yet to inspire millennials and GenZ travellers to ‘Travel before its not fun anymore’.

Created in South Africa for Flight Centre Limited, the hilarious ad is called ‘Babybot’, after the rather odd looking infant-like robot it features and suggests why Student Flights believes it’s better to travel before life gets complicated.

To highlight the point in a random fashion, Student Flights challenged South African comedian Loyiso Madinga to attend a music festival while taking care of the Babybot. Arming him with a survival kit to help (jokes included) they sent him off on his way into the ‘Hedonists’ playground to see how he’d fair.

“How hard could this be?” He says at the intro.

If he could make it through the weekend without losing his mind, he’d win a free trip to New York. Easy right?

What could possibly go wrong?

Madinga starts out feeling pretty positive about the whole idea with the classic line “This is going to be an easy day”, but soon the Babybot starts spouting strange fluids and crying nonstop whilst he’s more keen to get stick into the festivities on his own.

From there it goes from bad to worse. What’s equally as funny/disturbing is everyone else’s reaction to his purely being there. With a babybot.

This ad is so clever because by showing how responsibilities can absolutely make it more challenging to travel in an entertaining way, Student Flights is prompting more youthful consumers to take trips as soon as possible.

Genius I say.

What do you think of the ad? Would it make you think about travelling earlier in life regardless of your age?