They say winners are made not born. Or is it the other way round? Either way Virgin Australia have led the way this AFL season with their clever ads.

As the official travel sponsor of the AFL, Virgin Australia have been highly visible all year on and off the field with the pinnacle being tomorrow’s presence and annual fly over of the MCG before the Grand Final.

Personally, i’ve really loved their recent ‘All eyes are on you’ series of TV ads focussing on the new A330 Virgin Australia Domestic Business Class product.

If you haven’t seen them yet, the formula is a simple one – yet extremely well considered and delivered.


West Coast Eagles coach Adam Simpson did the business

Start by creating a stylish ad template of the Virgin Australia new Business Class experience and personalise it by using many of the head coaches in the league to be the hero in their own ad.

Then cue dramatic, building music and voice over…

Show the coaches journey starting in the lounge and then boarding the plane.

Then showcase each coach relaxing in a lie flat Business Class seat in their own quiet environment, wistfully thinking about the game ahead (whilst travelling to it), watching matches on their in seat screen or laptop and taking notes, all the while enjoying the Business in-flight experience.

Every ad ends in an epic finale with the coach looking out of the window as the plane flies over their ground to the music. It’s pure passion all the way… Game on!


Sadly for me as a Swans fan, Longmire got bumped off

The genius of course comes from the fact that they’ve been showing these ads in-between games featuring the two head coaches themselves. Which instantly makes it relevant and if i’m a fan of either team (which I am of the Swans) also makes me instantly feel loyal to Virgin.

Because if i’m a Business Traveller, I want to be just like the head coach of my favourite team, planning my whatever and feeling like i’m important and privileged to be sitting in that seat.

Great work Virgin Australia in what is a great way to engage an audience and showcase your product in a targeted way.

The only question now is… Will West Coast or the Hawks do the business tomorrow for Virgin? Either way, it looks like Virgin Australia are already the winner.

What do you think of the ads? Share your thoughts below.