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MONKEY BUSINESS: 3 Extremely Odd 2019 Travel Insurance Claims

2019 was a year of strange travel insurance claims; including a handful of reports of animals gone wild. Let's talk exotic wildlife and humiliated humans.

2019 was a year of strange travel insurance claims; including a handful of reports of animals gone wild. Let’s talk exotic wildlife and humiliated humans.

Data released by Southern Cross Travel Insurance has confirmed that animals are still getting the one-up on Australian travellers when it comes to some of most unique travel insurance claims.

In 2018, it was monkeys, a beetle, zebra, and baboons causing mayhem. In 2019, the list of perpetrators has grown to include more primates, a snake and stray dogs.

Let’s take a look at three of the best:


1. Woman vs Monkey

Travel Insurance

In one of the more bizarre claims lodged, a 33-year-old woman visiting Bali’s Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary had her handbag snatched by a particularly bold resident.

Handbag stealing by cheeky monkeys may not be all that uncommon, however this one proceeded to run up a tree perched on the side of a cliff and drop the bag into the ocean below.

At the same location later in the year, a monkey stole a phone from the hands of a 58-year-old visitor. It cannot be confirmed if it was the same monkey.


2. Woman vs Snake

Travel Insurance

While monkeys are notorious for their antics, they were not the only culprits in the mix.

A 58-year-old Australian customer visiting South Africa came across a Puff Adder snake outside the place that she was staying.

In response to seeing the snake, which is known to coil into a defensive S-shaped posture and hiss loudly when disturbed, the woman ran into a closed-door breaking her nose.

This resulted in a claim of almost $4,000.


3. Man vs Dog

Travel Insurance

Another customer lodged a claim for a damaged phone and watch.

The reason?

He was running away from a dog in a London park and tripped over; falling flat on his face. Well, falling flat on his phone and watch actually!


So should you always travel with insurance?

There was also a range of animal bites requiring medical attention and rabies vaccinations.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance Chief Executive, Chris White, says that there’s no telling what can happen during the trip of a lifetime especially when animals are involved.

“Aussies often anticipate the adventures of their holiday instead of unexpected curve-balls they may encounter, but as a market leader we have seen the many weird and wonderful things that can happen abroad.”

Chris White, Southern Cross Travel Insurance Chief Executive

“Southern Cross Travel Insurance has an emergency assistance team which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means we always have someone is always on hand if our customers require assistance – no matter the nature of the claim,” says White.

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