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HOTEL REVIEW: A night at the 5-star Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji

If you know anything about KARRYON, it’s that we love sustainable travel initiatives. We sent our #FTE2019 reporter Zoe Macfarlane to the eco-famous Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji to out how they #traveltochangetheworld.

If you know anything about KARRYON, it’s that we love sustainable travel initiatives. We sent our #FTE2019 reporter Zoe Macfarlane to the eco-famous Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji to out how they #traveltochangetheworld.

There’s no shortage of 5-star at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji – it’s 5-star service, 5-star meals, 5-star luxury and 5-star caring.

Here’s why I recommend a stay at the property on Savusavu Island:




High thatch roofs remove the need for A/C.

While a smooth check-in is indicative of good service, an unconventional one can show what great looks like. I arrived at the JMC (as it’s affectionately known) green around the gills, a random bug hitching a ride.

I was greeted with care, concern, and – important – a coconut and whisked to my bure at 10am. I may have missed the amazing Fiji singing, hip-swaying, flower garland welcome, but I got the finest serve of bula spirit one could wish for.




Rooms are equipped with doTerra essential oils.

JMC stands proud in its proclamation that you stay in traditional bures, not rooms.

Each of the 25 5-star luxury bures has high, thatched roofs that don’t only look great in your Insta-pic; they also afford so much airflow that A/C is redundant. I can report that the flow was so on point I didn’t even need to switch the fans on. Even in my clammy state.




The meals at JMC are as top-notch as the service, and they are all included in your room rate. Woop!

Lunch and dinner offer a range of enticing meals but with one eco addition – you won’t find any reef fish on the menu. JMC is into sustainable fishing, just like the resort is sustainable just-about-everything-else! For smoochy romance vibes, book one of the more private dining spots around the property.

Forget the stress of a standard restaurant menu if you have dietary requirements. At JMC, there’s both a gluten-free and vegan menu offered, plus the kitchen is up for more menu tweaks. Choices, hurrah!



There’s no need for standard resort facilities like a gym and spa pool when you have the island to play in. Your JMC stay includes a plethora of daily activities like snorkelling, marine talks, and om-worthy beach yoga.

If you’re a parent, the complimentary Bula Club is going to be one of your holiday highlights. Don’t miss hiking to the waterfall. This is Fiji’s more unexplored side where lush forests and rock pools reinvigorate.




Jean-Michel Cousteau is an eco-resort that really means it.

Everything has been considered for its place in its community, on Savusavu, and on the planet. Whether it’s the organic garden that makes up 30 percent of your plate, the water recycling programme or the staff wellness initiatives, the smallest details have been deliberated. I particularly loved their waterleaf pond, designed to lure mosquitos to a swift demise (it’s laden with traps – muahahaha).




Massage by the Beach at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

Sometimes a property wins you over with their great location, others with their delicious meals or exceptional employees.

JMC is a swoon-fest on all three ensuring that you leave as a raving fan with a commitment to come back. The staff is the tipping point here; they live, breathe, and love Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji. Like I do now!




Reach Savusavu by connecting your Fiji Airways flights in Denarau. From Sydney, the connection times allow you to reach the island on the same day. The resort is only 20 minutes away with complimentary transfers.

All-inclusive rates start from FJ$2,290 per night for two.


Have you stayed at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort? Tell us about your experience below.