For a little bit of Christmas fun in 2017, roomsXML have produced another Dick and Tom video highlighting the benefits of booking holidays with a travel agent.

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A happy holiday booked through a travel agent versus a cheap holiday booked online without a travel agent

A holiday booked without using a travel agent versus one that was

The original Dick and Tom video has had over 4000 hits. We customised it for travel agents all around the world which scored it another 10,000 hits. 14,000 hits promoting travel agents.


Fancy a Christmas freebie from roomsXML?


If you would like us to customise this video for you, just email a high-resolution logo with your contact details to [email protected] and we will pop your logo and contact details all through the video, ready for you to upload to your websites and social media sites.

Check out the new Dick and Tom video below: