How to get more Insta fans? It’s an ongoing dilemma for wannabe Influencers everywhere. Now Moscow-based Private Jet Studio has the ‘instaworthy’ answer.

Photos in luxury cars and chic hotels are like so yesterday when it comes to boosting your status to the world of Instagram.

I mean like, is that the best you can do?

Nah, what you really need for some serious cred and the dopamine hit satisfaction of a rising fan base are a ton of awesome (and fake) shots of you and your glamorous crew lounging around on your own private jet.


Welcome aboard ma’am

The Mile High mutt

The Mile High mutt


So long suckers

Russian company Private Jet Studio have created the answer for ‘Insta wannabees’ everywhere by offering a grounded private jet to hire out as a backdrop for their influential Instagram snaps.

What’s more, you can even take your ‘Instapooch’ on board.

Yep, the plane doesn’t actually go anywhere but hey, who would know?


Nothing to see here…

Just loungin'

Just loungin’

A two-hour photo shoot aboard the Gulfstream G650 private jet goes for 14,000 roubles (AUD$312) including a personal photographer, or 11,000 roubles (AUD$245) without.

You can also hire a team of hair and makeup pro’s to polish that ‘in-flight’ look beforehand.

What’s more, if you’d like a little video of your (not quite) mile-high moment, for 25,000 roubles (AUD$556) you’ll get a two-hour edit.


Just catching the bus home…


Appropriate in-flight fashion


Have you fastened your seatbelt sir?

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