With today’s accessibly social media tools even an untrained photographer can produce stunning snaps and here is how…

Developments in digital and social media means that travel photography enthusiasts can take a photograph, self-publish it, develop a community of followers and build photographic credibility at any place, at any time, making many of us amateur travel photographers.

 For many travel photographers, the saturation of social media content means that the competition is high.

                                                                                     Kim McKay, Klick Communications

However, using the right platforms to curate quality content enables the potential to reach a huge audience of followers.

There are several platforms that travel photographers can use to profile their work in the digital age and grow their audience such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. One photographer that’s utilising social media really well is New Zealand based travel photographer Trey Ratcliff, author of the popular travel blog Stuck in Customs. Trey uses PinterestFacebook and Flickr to curate and publish his work. With 4.8 million Pinterest followers, he’s doing pretty well.

 Here are three key social media platforms explained to help travel photographers looking to enter the digital space kick start their content sharing and grow their audience.


karryon pinterest

Pinterest is a great tool for travel photos

Pinterest allows users to upload images to themed mood boards, which can be tagged to sort by relevance. What’s more, other users can ‘pin’ images to their boards, making the image sharable several times over. Each image has an original source – therefore if uploading a photograph from a personal website this will remain the source no matter how many times the image is pinned. This system of image sharing means the image and source is shared in a far wider circle than it would in the print world, so the potential reach is huge.

2. Flickr

Use Flickr for travel photos. KarryOn

Use Flickr for travel photos

This social platform is focused purely on sharing image and video content for other users to view. It is a great tool to host a portfolio and share amongst the community of 87 million Flickr users. Flickr enables users to show off their best pictures or video to the whole world. With Flickr, users are able to publish photographs in as many ways as possible: on the Flickr website, in RSS feeds, by email or even by posting to outside blogs. For shareability, this tool rocks.


karryon instagram travel photos

Instagram travel photos

Instagram is the domain that has helped give birth to the league of amateur travel photographers. The high frequency of image uploads, ability to filter, edit and enhance images and the ability to search for images based on hashtags allows users to build significant followings quickly. Instagram is a platform that, used correctly, can also enable professional travel photographers to differentiate themselves from the amateurs with quality shots. After all it’s not just about pretty filters.

Although social media can be quite daunting for travel photographers using more traditional avenues, if you embrace digital platforms and utilise social media in the right way to expand your audience, the opportunities are endless.

Which social media platform do you prefer to use for your travel snaps?