It sounds like an easy enough question and I’m sure most readers practically shouted ‘upgrade’, but before you jump on the upgrade here are a few things you need to know. 

‘OS’ was a word which didn’t exist when I got my first computer, a Commodore 64. It was just a ‘Commodore 64’. At the same time, other people started getting ‘IBMs’.

Now the landscape changes per device per annum. A cycle of hardware and software upgrades is never ending.

Should you upgrade? Lets get some facts straight.


Why the upgrade cycle anyway


In the perfect world it’s all about new features being enabled, more power, better functionality. Do you need MORE functionality? Like what is it, can you tell me RIGHT NOW what else you need?

Upgrade cycles are about getting your commitment and cash by creating problems that you didn’t know exist.

So, should you upgrade? Keep thinking.


But Windows 8 sucked and Windows 10 is FREE


You are yet to learn that nothing is free, EVER. Stop being naïve.

Up until the new system, Windows would charge for new operating systems, you buy one in the license of your new PC and now all of a sudden Windows 10 is free?


Microsoft is here to make money, so I ask again, why free?

They changed their model. Windows 10 tracks the bejesus out of everything you do. Every search, email, query, mistake is tracked at an operating system level. The new revenue model is your data is now more valuable than your license subscription.

So sure, upgrade willy nilly, but the charge is in your data and your freedom.


My iPhone doesn’t work any more


Apple says ‘new improved operating system available’. Steve was up there spruking how amazing it was, how it will change your life?

You download and install…

…your iPhone turns to shit. It’s sluggish. Apps don’t work. You spend all week finding new glitches and re-installing apps… You complain BITTERLY to your friends. They tell you the same story.

Then Apple says ‘new phone around the corner… designed for the new OS’. You forget the complaints, focus on the new phone, line up overnight and BAM, you’re happy again. You never left, your anger became commitment. You fell in love with your captors. Happiness returns. PHEW!

Also happy are the ones with the old phone who never upgraded. When their subscription to Telstra is complete, they can CHOOSE what to do next. Bet you they get a better deal and a better phone.

You just got sucked into the upgrade cycle and Apple extracted another $600 from you or Telstra another two-year commitment.


I can’t work anymore


Earlier this year a travel company IT department went through and upgraded machines and software. That was their policy. Took half an hour per computer. Nice shiny new graphics appeared. Machine was a little quicker.

But the GDS stopped working properly. A few other little favorite software commands stopped working. The upgrade rendered the organisation unable to book. Work around were instituted. Some roll backs were put in place. 3 days later normality was restored. So was the old browser configuration.


My music selection disappeared


‘I installed this new patch that allows me to get tunes from Uganda. Its so cool. It bypasses security and… hang on, where is my music selection?’.

So an upgrade or a work around trying to beat a local licensing block. You remove the geo-imposed limitation on your data access rights and a whole new world opens up. But now your music system doesn’t know where in the world you live. All of your music was licensed to an Australian user. Now that you are digitally citizenless – your music passport doesn’t work any more, neither does your music.


10 Considerations before you upgrade

  1. Think, why should I upgrade?
  2. Do I have a legitimate problem or is a manufacturer telling me I have one I am not aware of?
  3. What will the upgrade deliver me?
  4. Will my hardware cope?
  5. If it goes pear shaped, can I roll back?
  6. Do I know anyone else who has installed?
  7. Will my existing software work?
  8. What happens if I don’t upgrade?
  9. Am I about to become unsupported?


  1. Just wait. Let others debug it for you.

Are you stuck in an upgrade cycle?