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An Agent's Dream: Discover 500 World Experiences At This Free Event

Fun, freedom and flexibility – with over 500 optional experiences to choose from, there are now hundreds of more reasons to holiday with Costsaver.

Fun, freedom and flexibility – with over 500 optional experiences to choose from, there are now hundreds of more reasons to holiday with Costsaver.

It’s your client’s holiday, so naturally, they should have it their own way – which just so happens to be the Costsaver way.

That’s right, folks. Costsaver has broken away from the mould of traditional touring and opened up a whole new world of exciting possibilities for your clients.

By offering over 500 unique travel experiences that your clients can now tack on to their tours, Costsaver has given travellers back the freedom of choice to tailor-make their own holidays in over 56 countries all over the globe.

You can learn more about unlocking this world of choice for your clients at one of the upcoming virtual travel events on the 24th, 26th and 27th of May.

During these free events, Costsaver’s expert team of Travel Directors and Local Friends will take you to Barcelona, Prague, Florence, Costa Rica, and South Africa to experience some of the ways that you can tailor your clients’ holiday to suit them to a tee – register today!

But whilst you’re here, let’s go over some of the exciting possibilities just waiting for your clients with Costsaver…

Do Barcelona your own way

Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain ©Unsplash
Park Güell, Barcelona

There’s something for everyone in Barcelona, Spain – especially your clients.

Art and architecture aficionados can obviously marvel at the sublime genius of Barcelona native Antoni Gaudi in his many architectural gems scattered all over the city.

For example, they can’t miss the iridescent Sagrada Familia – the coolest church, ever – and of course the magnificent Park Guell.

But if that doesn’t scratch your clients’ creative itch, then why not let them take some inspiration from the master himself and create their own work of art using mosaic tiles? Gaudi loved to utilise mosaic tiles in his creations, and now your pax can experience the joys of creating with ceramic in this optional workshop – just one of literally hundreds of optional Costsaver experiences!

Or, got some foodies for clients? Well, then they may want to choose a tapas walking tour through the streets of vibrant Barcelona instead (or both – again, the choice is your clients’).

Led by a local culinary expert, they can sink their teeth into must-try Spanish staples such as local cured ham paired with cheese, patatas bravas and pan con tomate. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Indeed, there are just so many delicious delicacies to try in Barcelona, your clients may want to bring a bigger belt…

Choose your own adventure in Costa Rica

Hanging bridges near Monteverde ©Unsplash
Hanging bridges near Monteverde

The freedom of choice continues in tropical Costa Rica.

In the lush, cloud forests of Monteverde, your pax can hit the trails through the hazy mist and verdant foliage and look out for tropical rare birds, such as toucans and green parrots, as well as – wait for it – monkeys!

Or, even better, they can get a better vantage spot by strapping into a zipline and swooshing their adrenaline away as they glide through the forest canopy with an impressive 360-degree perspective!

If the call to adventure runs a little flat for your clients these days, not to worry. They can jump on a saddle instead and go on a horseback adventure, riding through coffee and sugar plantations, tropical forest and open fields with expansive views of the Nicoya Gulf and its islands.

Being Costa Rica and all, which is home to over 6 per cent of the world’s biodiversity (that’s actually a lot for such a relatively small country), tell your pax to always be on the lookout for wildlife including toucans, green parrots and white-faced monkeys.

Carve our your own path in Cape Town

Bouchard Finlayson Winery
Bouchard Finlayson Winery

From wine to wildlife and everything in between, Cape Town in South Africa is ripe for a little Costsaver customisation!

Wine-lovers can sample some of the region’s best vino at the famous Bouchard Finlayson Winery, which just happens to be situated in some of the loveliest natural scenery on the planet – locals refer to it as “Heaven and Earth.”

Your clients will take a walk through the historic vineyards and learn about the estate’s storied past before tasting the best Pinot Noir in South Africa, along with superb Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blanc.

Make sure you tell them to pack light because they’re going to want to bring some of this home…

If the wild waters of the South African coast floats your clients’ boat, then they can jump inside a sea kayak and live out their wild side with a thrilling kayaking adventure.

Joined by an experienced local guide, they’ll get to take in the wonder of the imposing sea-side cliffs and spot rambunctious sea life, such as whales, dolphins, penguins, seals and tons of birds.

Free virtual events in May 2021

View from Charles Bridge, Prague
View from Charles Bridge, Prague

Learn more about these incredible Your Choice experiences that your clients can add on to personalise their holiday by registering for these upcoming free (virtual) travel events:

  • Monday 24th May at 11 am
  • Wednesday 26th May at 11 am
  • Thursday 27th May at 3 pm

Get inspired by Costsaver’s legendary team of Travel Directors and Local Friends as they blow your mind with over 500 incredible travel experiences that your clients can book to holiday their own way.

Don’t delay – register today!

For more information visit here or speak with your Costsaver professional today.

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