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Make love; steal hearts – the best job app ever

Who said applying for a job should be tiresome or boring? Clearly not Virgin Hotels who’ve just launched an online ‘like for like’ test.

Who said applying for a job should be tiresome or boring? Clearly not Virgin Hotels who’ve just launched an online ‘like for like’ test.

As part of soon to open – Virgin Hotels Chicago’s new recruitment strategy, they’ve created a clever online questionnaire of sorts. A simple step-by-step compatibility test to work out if you’ve got what it takes to be on their team and get past first base.

The ‘like for like’ equates to you and Virgin becoming beautiful matches with the very real possibility of a long-term love (and employee) affair on the cards.



With questions including; Q “What are your first thoughts in the morning” And multiple-choice answers including; a) Coffee b) Snoooooze button c) Time to hit the gym and d) What’s going on the world?

And; Q ”You made plans to go out with a friend after work, but are way too tired. You know she will be disappointed. What do you do?”

A) Tell my friend I’m too tired to go b) Go out anyway, but I’m miserable c) Tell my friend I’m sick d) Accidently fall asleep and explain what happened the next day and e) Come up with an amazing plan for tomorrow night and use that as a reason to re-schedule.

What would you have answered to these two questions?

The dynamic online application guides you through 16 different questions and takes about 5 minutes to complete. It’s fun and engaging all the way with the quirky personality and humour we’ve all come to love from Virgin.

At the end of the questionnaire you fill out your details (Note: Not at the start which is also very clever for keeping you engaged) and hey presto, you get this lovely message.


Personally I love this idea for it’s simplicity and for it’s cheeky tone. It’s different and it works. When you talk to people as people, instead of as data or numbers, amazing things happen and guess what – you get really good people wanting to be part of it! This is a wonderful example.

I filled it out anyway (purely for research you’ll understand) so we’ll see what happens. At the time of writing I’ve still to hear back but you never know… Commuting from Sydney may be an issue. I’ll keep you posted.


Virgin Hotels Chicago is their first property launch scheduled to open any time now. Their New York outpost is planned for 2016 and additional locations under consideration include (but of course not limited to) Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Washington DC, London, Paris and others.

Fancy a try of the application? What do you think of Virgin Hotels recruitment approach?