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10 Reasons Why Cruisers Are Head Over Heels In Love With Viking

We all know that agents adore Viking, and the love certainly doesn't stop there, with travellers patiently waiting for the green light to experience Viking’s expanding range of high-quality cruise options once more.

We all know that agents adore Viking, and the love certainly doesn’t stop there, with travellers patiently waiting for the green light to experience Viking’s expanding range of high-quality cruise options once more.

You’ve probably already heard about the amazing ‘Viking Difference’, committed to offering you even more choice than ever before, which is why Viking continues to build new ships, constantly evolve its on-shore experience program and create wondrous new itineraries.

Speaking of new ships, did you know that three shiny new ocean vessels will be arriving in the Viking fleet over the next two years? Get ready to say hello “heil og sæl” to Viking Venus (launched May 2021), Viking Neptune and Viking Mars (in 2022).

As well as developing the world’s newest and most modern fleet, Viking is leading the way into the future by preparing its award-winning small ships with additional health and safety protocols. This means when international travel resumes, Viking will be there to make your dream holiday even safer.

Ready to learn more? Let’s take a look at 10 reasons why travellers love Viking so much:

1. Travellers love to feel protected

Onboard Lab health safety

Let’s start off with a practical one, because during these strange times, health and safely is pretty important.

With onboard (ocean) and onshore (river) labs, daily non-invasive saliva tests, and advanced air purification, Viking’s health and safety protocols deliver some of the most well-researched and comprehensive COVID-19 prevention and mitigation plans in the travel industry.

2. Travellers love an intimate experience

Dubrovnik Sunset RET

Small yet wonderfully spacious, with no more than 930 guests on ocean ships and 190 on river ships, you’ll never feel you’re in a crowd with Viking.

Plus, Viking will take you to the heart of the destination by docking where larger ships can’t, and via priority docking arrangements on Europe’s rivers, so you won’t have to fight through the masses in port either.

3. The Viking Difference is definitely one to write home about

Screen Shot 2021 05 18 at 3.41.51 pm

Here’s why…

  • No casinos
  • No children under 18
  • No umbrella drinks
  • No photographers
  • No art auctions
  • No charge for beer and wine at lunch and dinner
  • No charge for alternative restaurants
  • No charge for unlimited Wi-Fi
  • No charge for the use of launderettes
  • No entrance fee for The Spa
  • No sales pressure for spa services
  • No inside staterooms
  • No smoking
  • No lines
  • No formal nights, butlers or white gloves
  • No nickel and diming
  • No NCFs – non-commissionable fees

Need we say more?

4. Travellers love Viking’s clean Scandinavian design

Viking Star April 2015 106

Minimalism is so in right now and Viking has embraced the very best of Scandinavian design.

Think clean lines, white leather, colourful woven textiles and light woods that evoke Viking’s connection to the natural world.

5. Travellers love all veranda staterooms

Screen Shot 2021 05 18 at 3.40.11 pm

Every Viking ocean ship has a veranda and a view. Enjoy an al fresco breakfast or a nightcap as you watch the world sail by, all from the comfort of your own private veranda.

You won’t find any inside cabins here.

6. Travellers love that Viking is destination focused

Viking Venus

Viking knows you love to explore the world, so it ensures every part of the cruise experience is designed to facilitate exploration.

With more time in port to overnight stays and an included shore excursion in every port Viking ensures the destination is the focal point.

7. Travellers love the fact Viking really does have the world covered

Viking Egypt

There’s something for everyone with Viking, so you best start thinking about your first back to travel trip.

Choose to cruise the oceans with Viking in Australia and Asia, The Mediterranean, Scandinavia, Northern Europe, America’s and the Caribbean. Or luxuriously glide down the river in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, USA, China, Egypt and Southeast Asia.

8. Travellers love a thinking person’s cruise

Staff Rivers Tour Guide Amsterdam 149 567

When you set off on a Viking cruise, you’ll enjoy the company of other curious, experienced, and like-minded travellers.

Expand your mind and delve into the fascinating depths of each stop, with insights from guest lecturers, regional cuisine, and destination-inspired musical performances.

Literally every detail of the experience – both onboard and on-shore – is designed to enhance your connection to the destination and enrich your knowledge of the world around you.

Because that’s why we travel, isn’t it?

9. Travellers love that Viking don’t sweat the small stuff


Viking fares are highly inclusive, offering a plethora of inclusions at no extra cost, meaning the only spending money you need to bring is for a little extra pampering and in-port treats.

A Viking fare includes everything you need – and nothing you don’t.

10. Travellers love that the love is reciprocated

Viking Cruises

We all know that Viking always supports trade with marketing toolkits and agent commission, but did you know they also share the love with travellers by offering past guest travel credit.

How does it work? Well, whether you choose the rivers or oceans for your next journey, you will receive travel credits according to the amount of time that has elapsed since your last Viking voyage.

For example, if you reserve within one year, you receive $200 per guest in travel credit; if you reserve within two years, you receive $100 per guest in travel credit.

Are you ready for your next adventure?

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